Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blossoms Dropped..

He made his way amidst the trees
Splashing corals from beneath the seas
His mane of ocher turned just white
As he rose, fiery and bright.

She stood to see the arch, his way
A sight to behold each passing day
Passion swept her swooning mind,
 She longed, to walk along his wind.

His smile had blessed her gentle face,
She took his hand to be his grace,
But his smile  did bloom many a flowers
Passion shared amidst his towers

Wretched became her heart with pain
She swore to see him never again
She fell, and from the ash did arise,
A tree which blooms before he would rise..

His rays would touch but only the stem
The blossoms would fall, away from his hem..

  (Last Sunday, when I went to my brother's place, this Parijatha tree was in full bloom.I mean,by the time I took photos, these flowers were dropped to the ground.. I knew there were so many mythological stories woven around this flower and that these flowers were adored by Kannan..The one which took to my fascination was the story where a princess falls in love with Sun-God only to find that he has many wives..So she kills herself and from the cremated ashes, this tree arises.

( I promised to write a post today, in exchange to know what book has been sent for the new year.Came home after  a medical camp only late in evening and so was not in a mood to sit in front of computer.. But this story and pic was in my mind for so long..பதிவு எதுவும் எழுதாமல் நிம்மதியா இருந்தேனுன்னு நினைச்சுட்டிருந்தேன்?! யோசிக்காம செயல்படுறது சுலபமா இருக்குது.. I thank all my friends who kept prodding me to break my silence.. and  for their concern..)