Monday, October 8, 2012

In search of the " dream"

I was driving the car towards home.
"This hospital building has come out nice!" she exclaimed.
" Yeah! Their Operation theater is busy always. All the while there was this politician who used to swindle them. So they kept low profile. Now that he is behind bars, they renovated the whole building and made it look modern" I replied.
"I too sit in our OP everyday since 2 years and get sick of being idle all day long" she complained
" Don't worry, it is just two years since we started and probably someday we would move into something better" I reassured.
" You told you want to quit practice and go off to Tirumalai after sometime?" she prodded.
" If our destiny is that, we would definitely go, didn't we leave our practice in Bangarpet and come here? Maybe Adhi would take care of our practice later."
She laughed and told " He has other plans. Ask him what he wants to become.?!"
I looked through the mirror. Adhi had slept in the back seat.
Later that evening, I took him in an embrace and asked " Kutti , what do you want to become when you grow 'big'?"
He had a spark in his eyes and told, ' Dad, I want to become an artist'
I knew his penchant for scribbling always, demanding to buy new coloring books and colour pencils. This was a habit which his uncle had triggered.
I told " Why not?, you can become an artist, in fact, you are able to draw beautifully"
He got excited, " Really dad? , I don't want to study, I just want to draw and paint". He told
Now, this became irksome. Though my words were seemingly agreeable to his plans, I thought, he is too  young and another day he may dream different.
With mild disapprovement I told him " You can become an artist kutti ,when you are big, but you have to go to school when you are young".
" OK dad, I will draw a joker for you as a gift" and he wrestled out of me.
After that I started thinking of what I wanted to become when I grew big , definitely not a doctor..;)
A good morning msg to his uncle.

PS . Now he goes for drawing classes two days in a week.
( He has gone to my parent's place for his vacation. I just kept seeing his drawings on Sunday afternoon.)

A joker gift to Dad.