Friday, April 26, 2013

When it rained a little..

" Things would wait, but time wouldn't" is what Hephzibah had replied me for when I told that I wanted to revive my blog.
I wouldn't let my blog alone. But then, when I sat to write, there was this powercut and I went back to the bed to catch some remaining sleep. There is easily 12-14 hours of power outages in our place.
Things keep getting postponed. It was on my duty-off day, after my 24 hrs duty. Meena insisted on doing some pending work. Everything piled up for this particular day in the week. And, it was long long time since we went to our local temple too. The routine broken by erratic surgical cases or simply listlessness. So, I took the bike to go around the city. Temple, tailor-shop, Tulsi retails, a scan, all packed in the scorching sun.
Suddenly, clouds started gathering and there was a cool breeze. By this time, we had lunch and I was prepared for my little nap. It started raining, the much sought after rains, I stood leaning on the balcony watching the effects of a mighty wind and scanty rains.
There was a sudden beep in my phone. My student had commented."saar, rains".It was ramkrishna who was just as obsessed with rains as I was. Coming from God's own country, he too was missing rains.
 Then, there was another message~" Rain just gave a tiny embrace and expected a hug! :( ".. and that was poetic and replied with a few of my own, none as emphatic as the first one which triggered me to write.

The clouds, curdled into darkness, was pushed away by the mightier wind.. whose sake does he deny one and provide for another?

When the sky provided less, the earth complained above, with a hiss

The umbrella of cloud, is to protect what?
The soil needs thy sap, to protect all ..

What balm does the sky make, unless the slush covers the broken wounds

  And to top it, my student s little contribution ( I knew about his passion for literature in the introduction class)
"Rain just gave a tiny embrace and left.. earth needed a hug :("

Thank you all, for initiating me to blog again. I did this from phone.. Maybe this works