Friday, November 25, 2011

I need a break...

I need a break, for sometime..
The reasons may be many..
Hope to come back soon..

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby booties... :)

அழகிய பாதங்களை
சிக்கென பற்றிட
துறவு அணிந்து

( Waiting in penitence?
Wearing the robes of Ochre
to hug those beautiful feet?)

 வாங்காமல் சென்றாலும்
கொஞ்சி விட்டு செல்லுங்கள்
இவை அணிந்த பாதங்கள்
நன்றி சொல்லும்..

( Never bother if you don’t buy them
Just blow them a kiss
The legs which fit into them
Would thank you..)

 பார்த்து வாங்காமல் போன
இதற்க்கும் இருக்கிறது
காத்திருந்து தழுவாத
(Glanced and never bought,
They too have the longing
To have shown and never bought)

 பாதங்கள் வளர்ந்து விட்டால்
தூக்கி போடாதீர்கள்
பின்னாளில் நடக்காத நடைக்கும்
கதை சொல்லும்

(Do not throw away
When the feet have grown
They would tell stories
 Even of the walk
Which never happened)

 தங்கி இருந்தால் மகளுக்கு
உன்னை போன்ற எத்தனையோ..
கொடுத்து வைக்கவில்லை
உனக்கும் எனக்கும்..

(If she had stayed,
I would have bought
So many like you
We were not gifted
 Both You and me)

 இழைகளால் உன்னை பின்னும்பொது
இறைவனே இதற்க்கான பாதங்களை
வடிவமைக்கிறான் என்று?

(Would they have realized?
When you were woven
That God himself had designed
A pair for you?)

 வலை சன்னலை மூட நினைத்தேன்
இன்னுமொரு கவிதை என்றாய்
யோசித்து பார்த்து சிரித்தேன்
நீ ஒரு காவியத்துக்கே உரையாவாய் அல்லவா?
(I hoped to close the web window
You asked for another poem
A smile spread my surprised face
“Why? you gonna become
A cover for a Poem!?”)

It is difficult to maintain a separate Tamil blog..What to do when Nothing flashed to write in English.. Tried hard to translate those Tamil poems..Though both set in free verse, I liked the Tamil ones better . That is why I put the translations in bracket

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chasing the rainbow.

The sun shone very brightly when I sat in the balcony with the novel. I  came inside and switched on the tv. Nothing was interesting me. I hate these lonely days. Meena and adhi had gone to Coimbatore for some family function  and I stayed back because of hospital commitments.I switched off the tv and  opened the front door. There was this rainbow forming from yercaud hills and with a big curve, going somewhere towards an another insignificant hill.  Sasmita, our neighbourhood girl was standing near their gate. She is of Adhi’s  age. I pointed towards the hills and showed her the rainbow. She told that she couldn’t see anything. I asked her to come near, showed the rainbow and then asked her to make a wish. I told her ‘when you see a rainbow, you have to wish something. Your wish would come true’. She nodded and then asked “Uncle, where is adhi?” I told he will be coming on Tuesday. Then I told her that  I am going to find out where the rainbow starts. She had an amused look on her face.

I went inside, quickly changed to some simple clothes, took the novel along with me ( thought I will sit somewhere on the side walls on the road and read till it darkens) and went to my bike. The foothills itself is some 3 kms from our home.  As I went along, there was a slight drizzle, never in any means bothersome. Then, I crossed the road to opposite side to take photos of the rainbow from my mobile camera.  As I started climbing uphill, the rainbow started fading. Probably I was inside the production unit. It was just faintly visible. The other end too was not much discernible. The sun , from the opposite side was still bright. There was this usual place, where adhi and myself would station the bike and go hiking up the hill or sit there watching the vehicles move by.

I continued driving the bike. The first stream showed up, fresh and  clean waters erupting through the rocks just beside the road. Yercaud itself was some 20 kms from there, can be easily reached within half an hour. I had no idea of going to yercaud, but just wanted to see how many more streams form in this side. Two, three, four.. there were so many. I saw a girl standing in front of one of the streams, alone and was wondering  what she was  doing there. I went forward, there was  this another person standing over the parapet turning towards the sun. Crazy ppl , as crazy as I was, to have come alone along this road. Another  3 kms upwards, there was this bigger stream, and a small teashop. I stopped there , took some photos of the stream, sipping tea and wondering, how I missed adhi today. He would have enjoyed, definitely we would have atleast soaked our feet in the cold waters.

The horizon was turning dark, and I turned the bike towards the city. The cold wind clamping my  t shirt. I had to plan for dinner tonight. I was surprised to see the girl and the guy ( seemed not yet married) station their bike near the same stream and then chatting happily, ( Oh, war and peace..Good, good).

As I reached the foot hills, there was this big truck parked in front, and a big tummied police annachi  directing all bikes towards one side of the road.. OMG, I forgot to even get my wallet, no driving license  in hand, No one at home to fetch it too. I pretended to search my pockets. He came towards me and told ‘ Karnataka vandiya?’( is this Karnataka registration vehicle) I just nodded my head , cursing myself as to why I came in such a hurry. He let the first person in front of me go, and then came near me. “ Drinks saptirukkengala sir” ( have you consumed alcohol?sir?) I was bowled by his politeness.. ha ha, I was becoming  normal, This , definitely I need not worry, at least now. I told an assertive "NO".. He smiled and told “ Polam, vandi registration a maathunga” ( you can go, change the vehicle registration). I smiled back, relieved and powered my accelerator. The rainbow had disappeared by that time..

Rainbow from flat
Rainbow where it starts
Rainbow where it ends
Inside production unit. Disappearing rainbow.
first stream
How I wish I had company
green all the way
Smolensk? War and peace.
Fresh stream, joined down by another.
Just beside the road.
Darkening horizon.









P.S. This is my hundredth post. Is this something to be happy about??