Thursday, January 26, 2012

'Child Nectar'-Chinnanchiru kiliye kannamma..

I picked up puppy from bus stop, I had time till Meena returned from hospital and just sat in the balcony with a book. The sun’s rays were directed towards the wall and I could feel the warmth over my ears. I came inside and sat in the sofa. Television is least used by me at home. I called out puppy and he told that he will come in a minute. Without changing his school dress, he was playing with the neighbour’s girl baby. All playthings were strewn over the corridor.
I just continued reading through the book. Somehow it was depressing to read, though written by my famous author. I was not in a mood to read something serious. Felt lazy to do anything.  Just then she peeped through the door, head shaven, with a big smile, cooing and tried to lift herself up clutching the edge of the door.
the book.
Meena was entering the house at the same time and told “eh, mamavai thedi vanthuttiyadi?”(Came in search of uncle?) . She lifted her up and placed in my lap ridiculing me “can’t u see that she wants u to put that book off”. I lifted her and came inside calling puppy to come inside and change his dress. She pulled my glass, and then my pen and immediately bought them to her mouth.I placed her on the dining table and wrestled the pen from her. Our maid had made gulab jamoon and had allowed the fried soft balls to soak in sugar syrup. I took a jamoon in a cup and spoon , mashed it and started feeding her. The drool, the smile, her relish, all made me more enthusiastic in giving her small tidbits.Meanwhile I too had one jamoon suppressing the guilt of indulgence.
what is she having in her mouth?

I placed her down the floor while Meena came to the room. “Hey, what have you both done to my dining table?!” exclaimed Meena and started wiping up the sugar syrup. When I pointed fingers at her, she was already putting my mobile into her mouth.  I quickly snatched it from her, I punched in certain keys, made a call, scrolled the screen and thank god, it did work and the taste was good too.
பிள்ளை கனியமுதே கண்ண்ம்மா,
பேசும் பொற்சித்திரமே
அள்ளி அணைத்திடவே என்முன்னே
ஆடி வரும் தேனே
- பாரதியார்.

‘Child nectar’, my dear
 You are a talking portrait
With your tottering walk and pranks.
Honey, you tempt me into lifting  and hugging you
the next day evening - she smelled of Johnson's baby soap
                                  Chinnanchiru kiliye kannamma - Priya sisters.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A translation which disturbed me..

I sit here past my sleeping time..I was requested to search for few songs and lullabies.. and an added request ( i thought ) was to translate the poem of Vaishnva janato. ( but it was meant for me to google search and learn the meaning)
 After finishing, I felt that it is not for me..
the Email excerpt i would cut paste..

All said and done..
i misunderstood the last line..
i thought you wanted me to translate the poem.
but as i translated.. i thought.. it is something which should be ideal. flawless..
and it doesn't apply to me..
I read your mail..again and there you had asked me to google search the meaning for vaishnava janato ..
i am not perfect ..i am not flawless..I am a Man.. I take into kannan, who treats me well with all my blemishes.. and i do not want to be that idealistic..
anyways I hate ppl preaching me.. even if it is you
that is why i seek saranagathi
accept, me, my dear kanna.. with all my wrong doings.. I am a mere mortal.. hari tum haro.. would be the best.. meera bhajans, azhwar pasurams, all are sayings of prapatti or ultimate surrender.. keeping in mind our inadequacies..
naan appadiththaan kanna..
virumbuvathum veruppathum unakku vittathu..

any ways i have translated the poem.. and sending it to you.. read it in the morning.

Vaishnava janato.

The followers of Vishnu,the vaishnava  tribe
Are those who serve him without pride
Compassionate, knows a fellow’s pain
Virtues extolled, never does complain
Pure are his acts, thoughts and words
Blessed be his mother, in all the worlds
Doesn’t covet, speak ill nor does lie
Steady is his mind, in praise or in fie
Detached, righteous, without deceit
Avarice, lust and anger do forfeit
The name, Rama, stirs his thought
All places holy, swirls his heart
The poet Narsin would seek such man
Whose virtues redeems his whole clan