Sunday, October 31, 2010

Of love... towards kannan..

Enslaved unto your fold, each minute,
Inseparable, rooting deep passion.
Rising with the dawn to water thy oxen,
To work in your fields,by the sweat of brow
to grow thy grains with joy and ecstasy
to sacrifice my actions,all along
as if they were  your own and their fruits
Master, after this day’s work i plead
To quench my thirst ,tilt  thy pitcher
For i’ve walked past ages Ignorant of your nature
Waiting at your door, with cupped hands...
Expectant to see in your face , a mark of satisfaction.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Behind locked doors....

Flew away the life, which filled my house
Empty though now, but with haunting echoes
Cradle unrocked, unruffled is the bed
The smile, the laugh, the innocence is dead..

Darkness hovering, piling on its own
Its firm grip pervading, all inside my home
How better does it weigh, a bleak of light?
A balm to an eye, who’s lost its sight..

Puzzled by your power, to make and to break
My heart goes silent,resigned and weak
To drown and to lift, a twilight set in noon
Your disc did cover, the western horizon

A madman’s ranting, when is my relief?
How long should i pass, nursing my grief??
photo courtesy - Sri raam kalingarayar.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An evening in Triplicane High Road:

Entered Triplicane  from Royapettah on a sunday evening. Nostalgia would be plain..It was a bear hug of the street after long grown years.

The same old man pushing the trolley of his handicapped wife, bit older but with the same expectant looks.Don't know whether he earned more change  with changing times.
Crowded green buses slanting towards the left, carrying men women and children to the one inexpensive hangout - towards marina beach with its charms and scary night life.

C,C++,Dictionaries, penthouse letters,Harry potters, Macbeth,Sidney sheldon, dog eared gray's anatomy, some shops with spread books.,3 books for rs 10 then.Don't know how much now.But still spread on the foot path making people take a detour but not in anyway bothered. While now missing is the boy who would warmly welcome, order for  a tea and enquire about my whereabouts till i select books for that quarter.

Differently flavoured Italian softee, now branded with MTR, Samosa, Egg puff, Cutlet, Sangeetha and its fried idli and veg kothu parotta. Absent is the apple flavoured Fanta which quenched an inexhaustible thirst by the end of work day after day.Wonder why a perfectly novel taste was rejected and eliminated from market.

Straying cattle, dingy streets, folded plastic roofs, house hold utensils, suddenly cropping up shelters by the wall, same people , muscular, flabby , tough skinned,same language and profane tamil. Ladies in their mid 30s  with perfectly round kunkumam. But with a new board propped over the wall. 125 th year of service, Kasthurba gandhi hospital. Active production Unit at some silent hours of the night beneath .Not seen are those onyx dustbins- green ,clean, new initially but soon joined their previous counterparts in overflowing filth, evoking a jab from my friends who compared it with my stomach.- unsatiable, eats anything, drinks from anywhere, without fear of spending the next day in wash room instead of labour room.

Old and new mansions, bengali, keralite, community wise buildings, haven for all those coming with dreams ,sometimes shelter for those who lost also. Thinking of people who shared food, bed and books underneath times funny enough to combine classical music and foreign porn books. House where T.Janakiraman stayed,who picturised hitherto unseen kumbakonam government college, babu, yamuna, thangamma but most importantly their vagaries of mind.Sometimes searching for such persons in all those whom we come across.

Same ratna cafe at the end of the street. People coming in the evening not for snacks but for idly covered by sambar. one can see the waiters carry sambar in  large stainless steel cups to refill those plates of two idlies twice.But the only difference today was that I came with my wife, who after  having idli, sambar  and coffee came out and bargained a " mozham" of jasmine for her plait, sat beside me and said " Bava, I am ready, start, what are you staring at ?".HMMM.. this jasmine smell is new for me..while all the other events zoomed past..Like the trail of city traffic rear lights..
photo courtesy -Sriraam kalingarayar.

Friday, October 15, 2010

happiness unfolded...

I was happy.. i was happy that she was much involved in showing my work which  i was telling with passion..mouthing the words which i had written. Hoping that she understands..maybe feels proud that she is wedded to a genius.
Still it was surprising ..she was gazing from behind the computer screen..My bitter half..I can whole heartedly forgive her for asking an intelligent question of “ who wrote kamba RAMAYANAM”..for the interest she evinced while i was transported to another world..maybe i too should respect her interests and get her more  of romance , Mills and boons, super romance, norah roberts..Some of which i think are titles of novels or authors or vice versa..I should gear up my heart to read along with her at least some paragraphs of those which she reads..though i think most of which sound like contents of a hotel menu card or a recipe book..NO no..Shouldn't demean fact she is still behind me...maybe awestruck..
I beamed turning back hoping she would execute something which she reads from her books...that was when she blurted out..came to pick up the duppatta.. caught in the wheel of your chair...time to go to the beauty parlour.Lock the door before you go to sleep...usss ..apppaaaaaaaa....:((

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A wonderful similie..

A cool breeze, dark clouds and a sky waiting to drizzle... As if yercaud has descended upon this scorching land. To go for a long drive in this mild rain, with a song..Ah! heaven..NOT  those heavy downpour when we are stuck in slush and traffic and start cursing the rain..this cloudy evening  reminds me of a beautiful pasuram by Andal..
Being jealous of  Pancha janyam( the conch of Sri krishna.), she sings in awe about the glory of it, sometimes admonishing it , sometimes  jealous and at times wrathful at its closeness to her lover. While telling about its beauty Kothai tactfully introduces a nice similie...

தடவரையின் மீதே சரற்கால சந்திரன்
இடை உவாவில் வந்து எழுந்தாலே போல் நீயும்
வட மதுரையார் மன்னன் வாசுதேவன் கையில்
குடியேறி வீற்றிருந்தாய் கோல பெருஞ்சங்கே .
கோதை நாச்சியார்

Closeted in my lord's hand
Like a full moon on a cloudy day
Arising from the eastern mound
Blissfull and comfortable is your stay..
Kothai natchiar.. natchiyar thirumozhi

கண்ணன் மேனி கருமை கைத்தலம் தாமரை. இங்கே சரற்கால சந்திரன் - மழைக்கால சந்திரன் ..கிழக்கு மலையில் சந்திரோதயம் போல என் மன்னவர் கையில் எழிலுடன் இருக்கின்றாய்..(இங்கே லேசான பொறமையோ என தோணுது)..தாமரை வண்ணம் தெரியாத அளவுக்கு கருமை மட்டுமே ஆட்சி..என்றால் கண்ணன் பாஞ்சசன்னியத்தை இறுக பற்றி இருக்கிறான். உள்ளங்கை தாமரை தெரியவில்லை ... உனக்கு மட்டும் என்ன சலுகை என நினைக்கிறாளோ கோதை பிராட்டி?  காதலும் தமிழும் கற்பனையும் சிறக்கும் பாசுரம் இது..
Kannan is variously described  as dark/ blue/grey complexioned person..but his lips, his eyes, palm and soles are lotus.. maybe blue , pink.. But none of the other colours are told here..only the off white conch which arises like a moon over the dark ? green / blue hills on a rainy evening.A rainy evening rules out the crimson hue of twilight .A fullmoon arises well before it is too dark.. But here there is not a trace of pink..which means kothai is jealous of the way he is holding the a tight grip..without his palms exposed.. Today's evening clouds made me think of this similie...
All ten pasurams about this conch makes an  interesting  read. The effect of love and passion towards krishna is displayed very naturally in these 10 stanzas..Infact it was the first stanza of these 10 songs which i accidentally listened, made me ponder about the beauty of their composition..Very effective and crisp in Tamil...i translate it into english.. though definitely faded when compared with the original.. I write here to share my enjoyment about this pasuram..Because the day i heard this I told the pasuram and it s meaning to a big gathering..who were amused as to why I was talking irrelevantly...

கற்பூரம் நாறுமோ? கமலப்பூ நாறுமோ?
திருப்பவழ செவ்வாய் தான் தித்தித்திருக்குமோ?
மருப்பொசித்த மாதவன்தான் வாய்ச்சுவையும் நாற்றமும்
விருப்புற்று கேட்கின்றேன் சொல்லாழி வெண்சங்கே ....
கோதை நாச்சியார்

what does it smell? of lotus or camphor?
how does it taste? of honey or nectar?
parted ruby lips, a place you shelter..
their fragrance and taste, ye do know better
I wait to listen with awe and eager
your words on him ,on my lord, his nature...
Kothai natchiayar

A perfect love lorn a girl who is madly in love with krishna..
by the time i'm finishing this has started to rain ...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

moments to cherish..

I watch you between the railings of this cot..
Writing y-e-l-l-o-w on the wings of  a butterfly
Pondering over 3 varieties of yellow crayons..
Suddenly startling me with something wierd
Which makes me do with effort
The one which i’m doing naturally..
Happy and thankful  for the fact
that when i see the world with your eyes
 I find it more colorful and tender..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why me?

Many times we come across this question. I have been just, religious, I have been doing my duty,I have endured enough hardships,I have tried out all options.why fate pushes me to the brink every now and then?

Had the opportunity to read ramayana once many times we would’ve read the same,listened, saw the movie and known fairly well the out line of the plot in the story.But when Iam reading it this time the epic gives me new insights. How perfectly have they donned the role of human beings. Ravana’s invincibility lay in his boons he got from Brahma, that he cannot be destroyed by gods or asuras. His pride was too much to include a mere human being capable of matching his prowess.

Though the purpose of incarnation was destruction of Ravana, Rama and seetha also had to prove that they too were not devoid of human afflictions.

I write the following passage from ramayana by Rajaji..
All lakshmana’s efforts to console him were in vain. He was convinced that the rakshasas had carried away seeta and torn her to pieces and eaten her up. He pictured to himself in detail the horror of her suffering and cried in his grief “ I must have committed terrible sins.How else could such suffering come to me?”

Similar is the lamenting by seetha in ashokavana. So Mahavishnu and laksmi endure hardships like mere mortals when they are  born as humans. His design was that there should never be contradictions to Brahma’s boons. Where does our sacrifices and rightousness stand in front of this avatara purusha. If he has to survive such difficult times, we better give him all the credit to save us from all our difficult times. 

பெருமானே நீ பட்ட துன்பமெல்லாம் யானறிவேன் 
முடிதுறந்து , மனையிழந்து  காட்டினூடே  அலைந்து
மானிடனாய் நீ பிறந்ததற்கே  இந்த துயரமென்றால் 
எம் கவலை மாற்றவல்லதார் கடனே சொல் கண்ணா ..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is in a name?

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet" -Shakespeare

True, whats in a name? Though we say he has thousand names, thousand is a mere number through which we try to grasp his nature by our limited ability.

Yesterday I listened to this song written by Purandara dasa and sung by MS Subbulakshmi. Heart wrenching rendition and words.What is there in a name? how enticing it was for our forefathers to listen, sing and praise his name.Invariably every one of haridasas who sang his praise expounded the greatness of his  name ( Nama in sanskrit). It was in fact the name 'Govinda' said with utmost helplessness, saved Draupadi from disgrace.Krishna being away in Dwaraka, his physical presence could have averted the disgrace to pandavas.Somehow he too wanted a strong reason to justify his actions.

ನಾರಾಯಣ ನಿನ್ನ ನಾಮದ ಸ್ಮರಣೆಯ / ಸಾರಾಮೃತವೆನ್ನ   ನಾಲಿಗೆಗೆ ಬರಲಿ
ಕಷ್ಟದಲ್ಲಿರಲಿ , ಉತ್ಕ್ರುಷ್ಟದಲ್ಲಿರಲಿ , ಎಷ್ಟಾದರೂ ಮತಿ ಕೆಟ್ಟಿರಲಿ
ಕೃಷ್ಣ ಕೃಷ್ಣ ಎಂದು ಶಿಷ್ಟರು ಪೇಳುವ ಅಷ್ಟಾಕ್ಷರಿ ಮಂತ್ರ ಜಪಿಸುತ
ಸಂತತ ಹರಿ ನಿನ್ನ ಸಾಸಿರದ ನಾಮವ / ಅಂತರಂಗದಲ್ಲಿ ಇರಿಸಿ
ಎಂತೋ ಪುರಂದರ ವಿಠಲ ರಾಯನ / ಅಂತ್ಯ ಕಾಲದಲ್ಲಿ ಚಿಂತಿಸೋ ಹಾಗೆ / ನಾರಾಯಣ /
ಪುರಂದರ ದಾಸರು

let me keep in mind, the essence of thy name.
always playing in my tongue, oh narayana thy fame.
virtues may abound, or in days of gloom
however unsound and doomed that my mind may swoon
I desire to tell thy name, krishna - my lord
A name that is told with joy, by wise men and gods
To recite your thousand names time and again
From deep inside my heart, Hari, I never disdain.
Vittala, however I plead thou a humble want.
the day my heart does stop, to think thy name at last..

I think i can't insert the audio clip. copyrighted CD. SAREGAMA. Dasara padagalu by ms and mlv.
Antima smriti.. or the last remembrance of his name is said in Gita..

(8:5).He who, at the hour of death, thinks of Me only
enters unquestionably into My Being.
Bhagawat gita 

This being the fact from scriptures, Periyazhwar has doubts... If in my death bed, I am of unsound mind , frail and too weak to think of you...

எய்ப்பென்னை வந்து நலியும் பொது, அங்கேதும்
நான் உன்னை நினைக்க மாட்டேன்
அப்போதைக்கிப்போதே  சொல்லி வைத்தேன்
அரங்கத்தரவணை பள்ளியானே

when death spreads its vile tentacles,
 upon my frail body, and obscure mind
I wouldn't think of you, my senses blind.
I tell you now, for that upcoming time..
resting in the snake bed of srirangam,my lord.
redeem me thou, saviour of my soul..

This was the same doubt that udaiyavar sri ramanuja had in his mind and wanted a clarification from tirukachi nambi. Tirukachi nambi is supposed to have conversed with  Kanchi athigiri varadaraja perumal..He intervened on behalf of ramanuja and sought clarifications from perumal. Perumal in his benevolence told " antima smriti varjanam"..which means that those who have sought refuge in Me( sharanagathi) need not remember My name at their death bed.

So enchanting is his name, there are so many poems by bhagavatas and alwars praising his nectarine name..
Purandara dasa in his other composition tells
ರಾಮ ನಾಮ ಪಾಯಸಕ್ಕೆ ಕೃಷ್ಣ ನಾಮ ಸಕ್ಕರೆ
ವಿಠಲ ನಾಮ ತುಪ್ಪ ಬೆರಸಿ ಬಾಯಿ ಚಪ್ಪರಿಸಿರೋ...
krishna's name is sugar added to  raama naama payaasam.. savour this sweet adding vittala's name as ghee..Literally purandara dasa has set out a recipe for sweet payasam
while Kulashekara azhwar says..
அரங்கனுக்கு அடியார்களாய்
நாத்தழும்பு எழ நாரணா ! என்று  அழைத்து...
being servants of lord of sri rangam, we call you "narayana" till our tongues get scarred with the name...
yes a rose he is sweet when called by any name..
of all  the thousand names ,the one which I tell out often, loudly is kanna... ( kanha).. a name which is intimate, friendly, and also can be called with passion..( like the song in manadi urudi vendum movie.. kannaa varuvaya ...kanna....)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

To seek the greatest treasure...

From the days when your passion swept my soul.
When my whole world were you, each minute past.
To the day when you would matter nothing at all
Till a veil of darkness shrouds my shrunken heart..

In between , moments and days which go unasked for,
The wheel of time passing by,caring for none,
Stretching , breaking and shearing memories afar.
Like diamonds lost, thrown in a well, one by one..

For he can turn gold to dust, dust into gold..
By some mystic hand he waves,unseen yet so gentle
Making  his presence felt, releasing from my hold
All which i say as treasure, he makes as though tis bubble.

I regret not for events past,  a mere child at play
Knowing  naught the worth of all, of diamonds,stone and clay.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An appeal... To mother goddess..

I loosened up before you, all my bags of remorse..
Knowing nothing of your stance in matters more worse..
To commend on my behalf, Sri of my lord , I plead.
Not to lessen my woes, but for him to lead.
Without whose grace I may, still live up to this life-
But with vanity, deceit and with eternal strife!

Like the darkened end of wick glowing for his sake,
A blemished heart I have, Still intending to fake
The purity of fire, with some innocent prayer-
Seeking for thy kindness, o'er deeds past and ever
Sordid though I may be, waiting for your glance..
My whole life i put forth, hoping for a chance!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In search of kannan,..

Dead people arise from their deadly graves,
asking for forgotten boons which i gave.
Slowly i drift from my dear ones:
who's more dearer i know none.
A sound mind remembers events past
Insane though like a ship without mast
Its prow wavering along the current..
Life bears marks of wounds permanent.
Here or there, where do i stand?
Cast away alone, waiting for thy hand...

wrote this in a very bad mood... few days back.. Like a kutti kannan my son makes me smile with his pranks change whatever mood it is... he was away from me for quite some  time..Now he has come to pull me out of computer..

Monday, October 4, 2010

Karuvilai oN malarkaal... Beautiful violet flowers... Nachiar thirumozhi..

photo courtesy- sriraam kalingarayar.
கருவிளை ஒண் மலர் காள் காயா மலர்காள் திருமால்
உருவொளி காட்டுகின்றீர் எனக்கு உய்வழக்கு ஒன்று உரையீர்
திருவிளையாடு திண்டோள் திருமாலிருஞ்சோலை நம்பி
வரிவலையில் புகுந்து வந்திபற்றும் வழக்குளதோ?
Andal or kothai nachiaar is one among the 12 azhwars. Being a female, her devotion and love towards kannan is but a natural nayaki bhavam.. Hence here love poems towards kannan exude with extreme passion and ecstasy..the old tamil literature is filled with examples of lovelorn girls becoming lean enough to lose their bangles..
This is one poem which reflects her love towards kannan , in that she sees him in all those violet and blue colored flowers of tirumaliruncholai.. ( azhagar malai/ madurai district) reminding her of kannan's divine colour..

Ah! fragrant beautiful violet flowers,
Blissfully reminding his radiant colors
whose valour unmatched, loving him tender
His passion makes me melt out slender
Is this is his way,  to enter my home, 
And pull out the bracelets of a girl in gloom

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ramar thalattu - Perumal thirumozhi - kulashekara azhwar..

Ramar thalattu is a melodious lullaby to Sri rama by kulashekara azhwar.These 10+1 songs were sung in praise of Thiru kanna puram Souri raja perumal..There is a beautiful rendition of the song by Priya sisters available in you tube.I have translated the five stanzas included in the rendition.There is also an aradhana of sri rama in the video clip.Don't know which temple.But i've been watching it every day for the past 4 days as it is very captivating.

இந்த பாசுரத்தின் சொல்லாட்சி வியக்க செய்கிறது.
ராமன் மாயை ஒன்றும் செய்யவில்லை, சுதர்சனம் தரிக்கவில்லை, சூரியனை மறைக்கவில்லை, தேரை அழுத்தவில்லை,ஏன் தேர் கூட இல்லை. கானகத்திலும் மேட்டிலும் நடந்த பாதங்களுக்கு பாதுகைகளும் இல்லை, பரதன் கொண்டு சென்று விட்டான். வானரங்களுடன் சேர்ந்து இரு மானுடர்களாய் ராமனும் இலக்குவனும் போர் புரிய, ராவணனை வீழ்த்தும் சாத்தியக்கூறுகள் எத்தகையானவை?
அரக்கர் குல திலகன், மாயம் அறிந்தவன், பலம் பொருந்தியவன், சிறந்த சிவ பக்தன், இசை கலைஞன்,ஆள் , படை பலம் பொருந்தியவன் இராவணன். ராமனோ முடியிழந்து , மனையிழந்து, கானகமெல்லாம் அரற்றி  திரிந்து வந்தவன். மானுடப்பிறவியாய் இருந்து மாயமொன்றும் புரியாமல் அரக்கர்கோன் ராவணனை வீழ்த்த ராமன் எவ்வளவு முயன்றிருக்க வேண்டும்?
இங்கு நமது ஆழ்வார் " தென்னிலங்கை கோன் முடிகள் சிந்துவித்தாய் !" என சுலபமாக சொல்லிவிட்டார் - ஏதொ தானே உதிர்ந்து வீழ்ந்தது போல. ராவணன்  அத்தனை வலுவற்றவனா? அல்லது ராமனின் கணைகள் பலம் பொருந்தியவைகளா?
எது சிந்தும்? நிறைந்து தளும்புவது சிந்தும் ... ராவணனுக்கு ஏன் தலை சிந்தியது? சீதையை கவர்ந்தது ஒரு புறமிருக்க ராவணனுக்கு இன்ன பிற தீய குணங்களும் நிரம்பிவிட்டன. சீதை மீதுண்டான மோகம் மட்டும்தானென்றால்  தனயன் இறந்ததும் மோகம் மறைந்திருக்க வேண்டும். ஒரு மானுடன் போர் புரிய வந்திருக்கிறான் ,அவனை கொல்ல முடியாததொன்றுமில்லை என ஆணவம் தலையில் நிறைந்தது, தளும்பியது, பின் முடிகள் கணைக்கு சிந்தியது.
மற்றொன்று , இங்கு நமது ஆழ்வார் தாலாட்டு பாடுகின்றார்.தாலாட்டும் இந்த குழந்தை வன்மையாக போரிட்டு வென்றது  என சொல்லுவது சிறந்ததாகாது, ஏதொ குழந்தை தெரியாமல் இடறி வீழ்த்தியது போல " சிந்துவித்தாய்" என்றால் குழந்தையை குற்றம் சொல்ல தோன்றாது .
இனி பாசுரத்திற்கு செல்லலாம்

மன்னுபுகழ் கௌசலைதன் மணிவயிறு வாய்த்தவனே!
தென்னிலங்கை கோன்முடிகள் சிந்துவித்தாய்! செம்பொன்சேர்
கன்னி நன் மாமதில்புடை சூழ் கணபுரத்தென் கருமணியே
என்னுடைய இன்னமுதே! ராகவனே! தாலேலோ !

Her fame lasting long, as long as the earth.
son, kousalya's ,whose womb beheld you forth.
lullaby to you, on this day's night fall..
Black pearl of the town, whose walls rise tall
Bejeweled in gold, kannapuram of lore.
nectar of my soul, raghava my dear.
you spilled his crown, who ruled deep south
sleep for a while, my life , my worth..

கொங்குமலி கருங்குழலாள் கௌசலைதன் குலமதலாய் !
தங்குபெரும் புகழ்ச்சனகன் திருமருகா! தாசரதீ
கங்கையிலும் தீர்தமலி, கணபுரத்தென் கருமணியே !
எங்கள் குலத் தின்னமுதே ! இராகவனே ! தாலேலோ

Dearest thou to janaka and dasaratha,
born to a clan of ma kousalya..
with fragrant tresses,dark as clouds
her fame, you made immortal as gods'
residing at kannapuram, like a pearl dark
whose waters pride holy,let me set to rock
thy cradle,honey, close your eyes dear
Raghava,sleep a while, for the dawn isn't near..

தாமரை மேல் அயனவனை படைத்தவனே தயரதந்தன்
மாமதலாய் ! மைதிலி தன் மணவாளா! வண்டினங்கள்
காமரங்கள் இசை பாடும் கணபுரத்தென் கருமணியே!
ஏமருவும் சிலைவலவா! இராகவனே! தாலேலோ .

காமரங்கள் ??  (ஏமருவும் சிலைவலவா  -  அம்புகள் பொருந்திய வில்லை வளைக்கும்  வல்லமை பெற்றவனே )

First born of Dasaratha, you created the creator
wedded to mythili, your might known far..
To bend and to shoot, sheets of arrows
staying here, a place , where bees in droves
set always to sing your name and your praise
dark diamond thou, i seek thy grace,
Raghava, my dear, lullaby to you
Adorning kannapuram, like a fresh dark dew..

மலையதனா லணைகட்டி மதிளிலங்கை அழித்தவனே
அலைகடலை கடைந்தமரர்க் கமுதருளிச் செய்தவனே !
கலைவலவர் தாம் வாழும் கணபுரத்தென் கருமணியே!
சிலைவலவா! சேவகனே! சீராமா ! தாலேலோ

கலைவலவர் - கலை வல்லவர்.

You bridged the gap with mighty rocks,
and wiped the city beyond the docks.
churned the ocean, to woo your partner
Gods partook their share of nectar.
With us , in kannapuram you stayed
A place where learned men parade.
Skillful archer, sleepest thou,
Lord , sreerama! thalelo..

தேவரையும் அசுரரையும் திசைகளையும் படைத்தவனே!
யாவரும் வந்தடிவணங்க அரங்கநகர் த்துயின்றவனே !
காவிரி நல் நதிபாயும் கணபுரத்தென் கருமணியே!
ஏவரி வெஞ் சிலைவலவா !இராகவனே  தாலேலோ

(ஏவரி வெஞ் சிலைவலவா - அம்புகள் தொடுக்கப்பட்டு பகைவருக்கு பயத்தை விளைவிக்கும்  வில்லை வளைப்பவன்)

Gods, demons and even directions
are nothing but his graceful creation
they all come , landing into his residing
To Srirangam, where my lord is resting
In kannapuram , also he stays
the same cauvery flows here with ease.
Deft with his  mighty fearful bow,
Raghava, lullaby unto you now..

Friday, October 1, 2010


Thiruvaimozhi is supposed to be the essence of vedas and upanishads.Composed by Nammazhvar, this runs to 1000 poems. It was infact the recital of tiruvaimozhi pasuram in the temple of kumbhkonam that made Nathamuni to resolve to gather all those poems.He was mesmerized by the sweetness of those pasurams( it was sung by a kannadiga when ranganathamuni visited the temple) and undertook a journey to kurugur, the birth place of Nammazhwar  in tirunelveli district to collect all those poems. He compiled all those 1000 poems and all the other pasurams of azhwars, which till date amount to some 4000 songs.
I selected this particular pasuram because this is one which seeks refuge in him.One which expresses utter helplessness, and dependence on the lord for the upliftment of soul.Nammazhvar in his first expression அங்குற்றேனல்லேன், இங்குற்றேனல்லேன் purports to tell that he is ignorant of  bhakthi yoga, karma yoga or  sharanagathi ,nor he is of enlightened nature to  understand the Parabrahmam. He also doesn't foster a family, seek material wealth or lead a life of mundane activities. These  characters of helplessness , dependence on the lord, having extreme faith in him( mahavishvasa) and  that he is the sole refuge are the tenets of prapatti. These pasurams are simplified versions of vishistadvaitha philosophy.
I am happy that i stumbled upon these works of azhwars which helps me  understand our sanatana dharma  in a language which i am at ease with.

அங்குற்றேனல்லேன் இங்குற்றேனல்லேன் உன்னை காணும் அவாவில் வீழ்ந்து நான்
எங்குற்றேனுமல்லேன் இலங்கை செற்ற அம்மானே !
திங்கள் சேர் மணி மாடம் நீடு  சிரீவர மங்கல நகருறை 
சங்கு சக்கரதாய்! தமியேனுக்கு அருளாயே!

Not here, not there, where do I belong?
To seek thy grace alone, my soul pleads along!
victorious thou, returned yonder from ilangai;
made thy abode, this place of seevaramangai.
over to heaven whose castles raise above
extending their arms as if to touch the moon.
ornate with conch and disc, my father hearest thou,
shower thy mercy, for I've no where else to go!