Saturday, October 9, 2010

To seek the greatest treasure...

From the days when your passion swept my soul.
When my whole world were you, each minute past.
To the day when you would matter nothing at all
Till a veil of darkness shrouds my shrunken heart..

In between , moments and days which go unasked for,
The wheel of time passing by,caring for none,
Stretching , breaking and shearing memories afar.
Like diamonds lost, thrown in a well, one by one..

For he can turn gold to dust, dust into gold..
By some mystic hand he waves,unseen yet so gentle
Making  his presence felt, releasing from my hold
All which i say as treasure, he makes as though tis bubble.

I regret not for events past,  a mere child at play
Knowing  naught the worth of all, of diamonds,stone and clay.

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