Friday, October 1, 2010


Thiruvaimozhi is supposed to be the essence of vedas and upanishads.Composed by Nammazhvar, this runs to 1000 poems. It was infact the recital of tiruvaimozhi pasuram in the temple of kumbhkonam that made Nathamuni to resolve to gather all those poems.He was mesmerized by the sweetness of those pasurams( it was sung by a kannadiga when ranganathamuni visited the temple) and undertook a journey to kurugur, the birth place of Nammazhwar  in tirunelveli district to collect all those poems. He compiled all those 1000 poems and all the other pasurams of azhwars, which till date amount to some 4000 songs.
I selected this particular pasuram because this is one which seeks refuge in him.One which expresses utter helplessness, and dependence on the lord for the upliftment of soul.Nammazhvar in his first expression அங்குற்றேனல்லேன், இங்குற்றேனல்லேன் purports to tell that he is ignorant of  bhakthi yoga, karma yoga or  sharanagathi ,nor he is of enlightened nature to  understand the Parabrahmam. He also doesn't foster a family, seek material wealth or lead a life of mundane activities. These  characters of helplessness , dependence on the lord, having extreme faith in him( mahavishvasa) and  that he is the sole refuge are the tenets of prapatti. These pasurams are simplified versions of vishistadvaitha philosophy.
I am happy that i stumbled upon these works of azhwars which helps me  understand our sanatana dharma  in a language which i am at ease with.

அங்குற்றேனல்லேன் இங்குற்றேனல்லேன் உன்னை காணும் அவாவில் வீழ்ந்து நான்
எங்குற்றேனுமல்லேன் இலங்கை செற்ற அம்மானே !
திங்கள் சேர் மணி மாடம் நீடு  சிரீவர மங்கல நகருறை 
சங்கு சக்கரதாய்! தமியேனுக்கு அருளாயே!

Not here, not there, where do I belong?
To seek thy grace alone, my soul pleads along!
victorious thou, returned yonder from ilangai;
made thy abode, this place of seevaramangai.
over to heaven whose castles raise above
extending their arms as if to touch the moon.
ornate with conch and disc, my father hearest thou,
shower thy mercy, for I've no where else to go!

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