Monday, August 29, 2011

On death...

The measured grains, my numbered days
Bitter have they become, to live and to use
I live unto others, for me I have none.
Each night dawns, to fall dark again
Each night dawns, to fall dark again
In death, i would ,lose all memories
In death, i would, regain  my joy..

A  countenance of happiness, a smile to fake
A denial of HIS bounty, sage and calm
A heart turned stone, futile to wake
A death to mourn, life goes on
Possessions to own, duty bound
Concern and love, righteousness to hold
Voices are heard, but the door shut tight
Never intimidating, nor does beguile
What tastes of death? I do  stand in line.

A hundred years of death, what measures to say?
A hundred years of life, the sun measured way
Cast away the mould,  child leading to  man
Soft flesh to firm, lust, vigour and warmth
Cast away are days that spoke of more charms
The days may lose more, acceptance is a norm
Without  sun,  a day without people who cried
Alone , I would stand,  is there a staff and  throne?
Is there a king to frown, my deeds may please him not,
Is there a gentle hand, pleasant colors and balm
A hundred years of death,by what measures does form?
A hundred years of death is suffering or more calm?

If i am gonna live after death
Then, where is the death
If i’m gonna die after death
Then where, is the “I”?

When the chest is hammered with a cross
Lowered and covered, desires do toss
For no more they are needed, besides,
Who knows, what remained inside

Myrrh and aloe to contain his form
On the third, he rose, for they confirm.
He asked for seeds of mustard, but lo
Gotten from a home where death has no blow.
I lived in the past, I live now, and forever
And all my births I know,but you  will never.
Who does comeback to stay and reveal
What happens after, when death kisses to heal??

Let me have some roses
Without any thorns
For the grave you have chosen
Is deep inside my heart
A ruined temple now
Was built by loving hands
Each stone in the rubble
Will tell of love and charms
In death you buried my love
I wish I died along
To live with passion forever
Is to live nursing  the pang
When love spread its hands
It grabbed to kiss some life
But  then , it sucked my strength
My future, dreams and days
I say, I weep, I bow
With my dust covered face
My tears have gone dry
In this day after a year..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


photo courtesy - Sri raam kalingarayar.

Busy, Busy,Busy..

Let the bees know

That I too gather Honey..

Monday, August 15, 2011

I closed my eyes...

I closed my eyes to see the darkness
And lo! Wasn’t it just lack of brightness
Shy and lonely, quickly she melts
 Hiding behind every creep and hollow
When a flood of light tries to seek her
All but in vain- like my closed vision
 Slowly she made her presence felt
By the voices and fragrance she possess
She does holds hands with the twilight
Who’s gentler ways binds her in love.

(  I wrote this while traveling in train on an evening, and asked my friend to  click a picture for this poem.. hmm..maybe its forgotten..probably i'll run out of poems, if i don't write anything new..)

Monday, August 8, 2011

A lazy sunday....

Sunday..  How different was it yesterday..I got up early ( usually i get up early on a Sunday.’cos  I know that I can sleep a while later) went for a sleepy jog.. came back to find my son standing near the window, waiting for me to return.. It was very early for his standards too..I told, “we’ll go for a trek in the hills”..for which he replied..”no dad, it was just yesterday we went, I’ll teach you some yoga which they taught in school”..So I was prepared for some tutoring. It is his habit to get all bed sheets to the place where  he teaches yoga.. but I was loathsome to stand or bend or twist.. he told ..” Don’t worry dad, I  will teach you something which you can lie down and do.. “ .. Now , that was a perfect excuse for me.. Already dripping sweat, though the climate was cool, I tried imitating him but told him “ wake up amma.. ask her to get me some coffee. After a cup of coffee, I’ll follow whatever you tell “ and continued to lie down, stretch my legs and close my eyes..
Later on..
I slept in the morning after a bath..till there was call to stitch an injured scalp..
I slept in the afternoon... till she woke me up for some referral patient..
We were supposed to go to her mother’s place..and as soon as I entered the house after seeing the patient.. she  and my son were almost ready..
I just tried translating the previous tamil poems.. She never complained.,Just kept the luggage in front of me and the car key on my computer table..So, that was the indication for me to pull myself up from computer..
Sundays  - 24 hours I prefer to be at home..
Home sweet home..
So I had no time to write anything on this week.. I tried getting some old poems.. actually I had seen this picture and the caption for the picture.. the caption was captivating..and while I was travelling sometime later, something flashed inside me for that picture..
Hope my friend clicks more pictures.. and inspires me to write more.. What say??
photo courtesy - sri raam kalingarayar..
 Rocky drive....
Rocky drive along the river,
who drove them into the waters
does the music stop here now?
Pied piper, where art thou?
silently following one another
As if heading to HIS order
Sure, the creator plays everyday..
So he willed ,and this is his way..
( Hmm... some immature initial writings.. )
yercaud hill view on saturday.. after this I went to college..
walk along the hills - older photo
yoga in the balcony
what yoga is this.. I stretched  and slept.

And the tamil translation of my previous post..( hello little darling).. 

I could write, a discourse for a poetry
Can I , write a poem for a poem?
Let me  take the liberty ,
To decipher every word of yours, dear...

she exhibits-her erupted little  teeth..
announce the day when her little words erupt
I’ll announce  those poets Who write in tamil,

about all new words framed in tamil..

Cheeks deserving a peck,
Arms long to hug,
Child-nectar, wrote Bharathi
Did he see you then,darling?


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hello little darling....

Yesterday, I was grossly engrossed in a tamil novel.. never spoke much in the department.. except for few opinions to be given and some scan to be done. Was relatively free day and didn't post any operations too.. Very Unusual  for a monday..They were continuously chatting, discussing, and trying to involve me in their discussion.. Sathya had shown her daughter's photo.. and asked me to write a poem for that.. ( I have this boring habit of telling some pasuram and their meaning, More than a department Head, they tell that I am a Tamil ayya  for their kids.. ) I wasn't perturbed with all their talking.. and suddenly while leaving they told, " Sir, You need not be sad that you have no daughter.. We are like your are like a dad to us.. We nag you so much with our complaints and problems.. and still we find you listening to us" .. now .. is that a compliment..? :( ( I a m just 5-7 years older than them..Hmm... I've to do all explanations..)

My computer had crashed last week, and had some busy schedule in my outside surgeries.. so no reading too..  and when today morning I opened up my face book account, I saw this cute little photo of sathya's daughter.. and I'm sorry that I could write only in tamil.. Have to get ready to work too.. my wife , from kitchen is telling( how to play it down?) to stop typing and get ready...
கவிதைக்கு பொருளெழுதலாம்
கவிதைக்கென்ன கவிதை எழுதுவது?
இவள் சொல் ஒவ்வொன்றுக்கும்
பதம் பிரித்து பொருள் சொல்கின்றேனே?

பல் முளைத்து விட்டதாம்-காட்டுகின்றாள்
சொல் முளைத்த நாளை
அறிவித்து விடுங்கள் கவிகளுக்கு
தமிழுக்கு புதியச்சொல் கிடைத்ததென்று..

கிள்ள த்தூண்டும் கன்னங்கள்
அள்ள துடிக்கிறது கைகள்
பிள்ளைக் கனியமுதே என்றானே
அன்றே உன்னை பார்த்துவிட்டானோ
முண்டாசு கவிஞன்?