Monday, August 29, 2011

On death...

The measured grains, my numbered days
Bitter have they become, to live and to use
I live unto others, for me I have none.
Each night dawns, to fall dark again
Each night dawns, to fall dark again
In death, i would ,lose all memories
In death, i would, regain  my joy..

A  countenance of happiness, a smile to fake
A denial of HIS bounty, sage and calm
A heart turned stone, futile to wake
A death to mourn, life goes on
Possessions to own, duty bound
Concern and love, righteousness to hold
Voices are heard, but the door shut tight
Never intimidating, nor does beguile
What tastes of death? I do  stand in line.

A hundred years of death, what measures to say?
A hundred years of life, the sun measured way
Cast away the mould,  child leading to  man
Soft flesh to firm, lust, vigour and warmth
Cast away are days that spoke of more charms
The days may lose more, acceptance is a norm
Without  sun,  a day without people who cried
Alone , I would stand,  is there a staff and  throne?
Is there a king to frown, my deeds may please him not,
Is there a gentle hand, pleasant colors and balm
A hundred years of death,by what measures does form?
A hundred years of death is suffering or more calm?

If i am gonna live after death
Then, where is the death
If i’m gonna die after death
Then where, is the “I”?

When the chest is hammered with a cross
Lowered and covered, desires do toss
For no more they are needed, besides,
Who knows, what remained inside

Myrrh and aloe to contain his form
On the third, he rose, for they confirm.
He asked for seeds of mustard, but lo
Gotten from a home where death has no blow.
I lived in the past, I live now, and forever
And all my births I know,but you  will never.
Who does comeback to stay and reveal
What happens after, when death kisses to heal??

Let me have some roses
Without any thorns
For the grave you have chosen
Is deep inside my heart
A ruined temple now
Was built by loving hands
Each stone in the rubble
Will tell of love and charms
In death you buried my love
I wish I died along
To live with passion forever
Is to live nursing  the pang
When love spread its hands
It grabbed to kiss some life
But  then , it sucked my strength
My future, dreams and days
I say, I weep, I bow
With my dust covered face
My tears have gone dry
In this day after a year..


  1. It's a wonderful verse and I enjoyed it, but when one is feeling a wee bit under the weather death was the last thing on my mind. I know it comes to all eventually but I like to stay a little longer to enjoy the earth and it's beauty.

  2. I guess the poem has to be read a few times over to let the words sink.
    And you have also brought out beautiful feel with song based on death , especially the last part.

  3. your words echo my thoughts especially this verse;

    If i am gonna live after death
    Then, where is the death
    If i’m gonna die after death
    Then where, is the “I”?

    such thought, passion and emotion. I followed from the start to finish and what more can I say but
    (although there is a lot more I can say but that would fall short of a complete conversation) :)

    wonderfully expressed Adithyasaravana!

  4. HO..!! HO HO..!!
    That’s a huge lot to get a grasp of the matter…
    It would have socked in better I guess if you had broken it and given us in 2-3 days :P
    Anyways… the poem gives a lot to think about on life and death and life thereafter..!!