Monday, August 15, 2011

I closed my eyes...

I closed my eyes to see the darkness
And lo! Wasn’t it just lack of brightness
Shy and lonely, quickly she melts
 Hiding behind every creep and hollow
When a flood of light tries to seek her
All but in vain- like my closed vision
 Slowly she made her presence felt
By the voices and fragrance she possess
She does holds hands with the twilight
Who’s gentler ways binds her in love.

(  I wrote this while traveling in train on an evening, and asked my friend to  click a picture for this poem.. hmm..maybe its forgotten..probably i'll run out of poems, if i don't write anything new..)


  1. happy independence day... :)
    most of what we scribble comes dripping through what experince in life ha? so is my post back, so it doesnt matter if you have iffernt opinion... :D

    and this your poem, reminds me of Pradise Lost:
    At once as far as angel's ken he views
    The dismal situation waste and wild,
    A dungeon horrible, on all sides round
    As one great furnace flamed, yet from those flames
    No light, but rather darkness visible
    Served only to discover sights of woe... (I.59)

  2. thats a beautifully expressed poem. :)

  3. Happy Independence Day!
    such a beautiful poem:)

  4. Happy Idependanece Day, it was a lovely poem.


  5. By the way closed eye lead u to the deeper truth. Noce lines.

  6. Is it you seeking a quest?
    I like it the lines are soft.

  7. i too havent read all of Milton's poems...but a couple of them as we had to study them.. and these lines still lingers in my memory.. i dont know why...

    Karma? .... KP sir used to tell me about it :)

  8. thank you all for your kind words
    Haritha, Jagadish, Anil kurup.. welcome and thank you
    @ anilkurup- quest- maybe i'm trying to be at peace with myself
    @deeps - karma is .. action.. action is better than inaction- that is almost like newton's law.. :)
    with a hectic schedule, I'm becoming weary of my blog.weekend i went to my parent's house. feel this blog has become a liability
    many times , i feel i would stop writing.
    but it is still nice to converse with others..
    oh no, I won't allow myself to rant..
    thank you friends..