Monday, August 8, 2011

A lazy sunday....

Sunday..  How different was it yesterday..I got up early ( usually i get up early on a Sunday.’cos  I know that I can sleep a while later) went for a sleepy jog.. came back to find my son standing near the window, waiting for me to return.. It was very early for his standards too..I told, “we’ll go for a trek in the hills”..for which he replied..”no dad, it was just yesterday we went, I’ll teach you some yoga which they taught in school”..So I was prepared for some tutoring. It is his habit to get all bed sheets to the place where  he teaches yoga.. but I was loathsome to stand or bend or twist.. he told ..” Don’t worry dad, I  will teach you something which you can lie down and do.. “ .. Now , that was a perfect excuse for me.. Already dripping sweat, though the climate was cool, I tried imitating him but told him “ wake up amma.. ask her to get me some coffee. After a cup of coffee, I’ll follow whatever you tell “ and continued to lie down, stretch my legs and close my eyes..
Later on..
I slept in the morning after a bath..till there was call to stitch an injured scalp..
I slept in the afternoon... till she woke me up for some referral patient..
We were supposed to go to her mother’s place..and as soon as I entered the house after seeing the patient.. she  and my son were almost ready..
I just tried translating the previous tamil poems.. She never complained.,Just kept the luggage in front of me and the car key on my computer table..So, that was the indication for me to pull myself up from computer..
Sundays  - 24 hours I prefer to be at home..
Home sweet home..
So I had no time to write anything on this week.. I tried getting some old poems.. actually I had seen this picture and the caption for the picture.. the caption was captivating..and while I was travelling sometime later, something flashed inside me for that picture..
Hope my friend clicks more pictures.. and inspires me to write more.. What say??
photo courtesy - sri raam kalingarayar..
 Rocky drive....
Rocky drive along the river,
who drove them into the waters
does the music stop here now?
Pied piper, where art thou?
silently following one another
As if heading to HIS order
Sure, the creator plays everyday..
So he willed ,and this is his way..
( Hmm... some immature initial writings.. )
yercaud hill view on saturday.. after this I went to college..
walk along the hills - older photo
yoga in the balcony
what yoga is this.. I stretched  and slept.

And the tamil translation of my previous post..( hello little darling).. 

I could write, a discourse for a poetry
Can I , write a poem for a poem?
Let me  take the liberty ,
To decipher every word of yours, dear...

she exhibits-her erupted little  teeth..
announce the day when her little words erupt
I’ll announce  those poets Who write in tamil,

about all new words framed in tamil..

Cheeks deserving a peck,
Arms long to hug,
Child-nectar, wrote Bharathi
Did he see you then,darling?



  1. This was wonderful to read. I really enjoyed it.

    Have a lovely day.

  2. Home's always sweet..:)

    Nice pics..

  3. That was a Sunday worth spending at home..!!
    No one is a born poet ha? I m sure many more such Sundays at home gonna make you a super cool poet :P

  4. junior dhool kalapararu saarr:)

  5. this is a wonderful post Adithyasaravana! love how you share your moments with your son. I wish they would teach yoga in our schools. It is a good practice for everyone!

    a beautiful shot of the coastline. I'm so glad you shared it and the poems are lovely. Thank you for the translation.

    take care!

  6. Great Photos! :-)

    Have a nice week :-)


  7. Blissful Sunday when the "manic Monday" is sure to follow!

    The Picture of the Rocky drive looks a bit surreal. doesn't it?

    As for poetry keep imagining and writing.