Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A veil of mist..

A moment for this , a moment for that
Each separated by a simple mist..
A moment of love, of passion and  bliss
A moment of vile, and of needless hiss.
Step into that , the world set in mirth
Step into this, a dull sombre birth
A thought, somewhere, someone could stop
The hapless fall, the abyss and depth
Set free! who dares to slug, my flight
Higher, soaring ,with wings spread still
A moment of joy, of spark and of mirth
A moment to stay forever in my thoughts..

( I will try to be regular in blogosphere. After the trip, I became lazy in blogging, and busy in practice.. Hope my photographer friend doesn't scold me for taking such bad photos.:(  ..Reading this, She asked - where did you copy this poem from? :((


  1. Beautiful words!

    Nice to see you all - though through the veil of mist. The photograph skill seems quite intentional to me... :)

  2. truly beautiful words! and don't feel too bad about not being around much after all...we do have a life to live :)

  3. Nice one..:) anyway, every pic is good.:)

    Yeah, it will be good to see u regular here.. have happy blogging..;)

  4. I guess the mist is still lingering after reading the lines.

  5. The veil of mist seems to be disappearing …and glad to have you back after a short break..
    So now on, it is the moment to stay :P

  6. beautiful! the picture is perfect:)

  7. thank you all for your comments.. I hope I have come to the other side of the world..and no more i lament for dropped petals

  8. Perfect picture and the words