Sunday, September 18, 2011

Before the mind becomes flawed....

The questions posed by my son @ 5 years.

You told me that books, papers are goddess Saraswathy .. and if I blow this paper..will goddess Saraswathy become tickled?

Once you and mummy become old and die..will the younger sister in mother’s tummy call me brother or will she call me father?

‘I bought this ben ten book for Sriram’s son daddy, gift it to him’. I replied.”Sri ram is yet to have a kid son.” He replied .” what if he is not having one. Let him preserve and give him when he comes of age”.

Mummy, will you be afraid of lord Shiva if he comes in front of you?
 I interfered.’why do you ask , son?’
 ‘because i’m going to do penance now’..

What happens to Tara, Vali’s wife after his death? Will Sugreeva marry her because Vali abducted his wife?

( He is six years now.. all these I had stored last year in my file.. makes a good post to read.Isn't it? Maybe he would like it at a later date)


  1. Hmm wise comments sometimes the kids make , and some time funny though inquisitive and logical for their brain development and awareness.

    Like a kid asking ,when he is old as his father can he be on first name terms with him.

  2. Interesting... and the lion mask seems like fun too. Thanks for sharing...

    My daughter asked whe she was little (about 5/6/7 yrs old) "Mommy! Can I have this saree when it becomes small for you?" :))

  3. little daughter asked me once whether she can call her chechi by name, when she grows big...

    My small one is very fond of babies " Chechi has me as her pet. Can I buy a baby from super market as my pet?"

    They grow fast and get busy with life..what we may have sometimes to ease our loneliness are all these fond memories...and the thought that they are safe and sound some where ......

  4. He would certainly be delighted and might be amazed too to read these when he is grown up…
    The credit goes to you of course that you are laying a strong foundation….

  5. He would definitely love to read this post when he is grown up :) good job by you.. yeah, stories about god are especially most confusing to children because we do not have any reasons for those stories, they just have to be believed, in that age believing is like understanding, that's y they question..;)

  6. heheh! cute :)

    this mask is also cute :D

  7. hahah like dad like son..paiyan kalakaran sirrr..

  8. So nice to meet your funny son

    Have a wonderful sunday
    hugs from us all
    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<