Saturday, September 24, 2011

Abandoned Railway station

photo courtesy - Sriraam kalingarayar.

‘Tell me a story” It is her way of asking me to tell something about what happened in the hospital.
‘I  am so tired, I have to wake up early, feel so sleepy’.
Adhi had  slept after listening to stories already read out from book.
‘You always have some reasons to tell only if I ask you to talk to me, while you talk so much to your friends over phone’.
‘ We talked so much about hospital gossips in the evening’..
‘Who did the talking? You started and I did the whole talking’.
‘Isn’t that enough? ‘I asked ‘ I got up early today too, and after college and clinic, let me sleep early on the days when I have no cases to operate’
Some song was ringing in my heart and I was singing “ thennai vanaththinil  unnai mugam thottu ennaththai sonnavan vaadugindren, ennathai sonnavan vaadugindren”
‘Is it MGR , Saroja devi movie?’ she asked
‘I don’t know, I just know the lyrics . Thats all’
‘How does the song start?’
‘ Sivagaami...Or should I sing Meenatchi..Hmm?  It starts with Ponezhil pooththathu puthu vaanil’
‘Oh! It is definitely MGR movie only’
(I spent my childhood in karnataka and we had our TV only when I reached 9th standard. No DVD players then. After I joined college , I was completely cutt off from tamil movies and songs. The college itself was in some interior part of karnataka, where I stayed for 5 years. I know only of the songs but not much about the movies )
‘Hmmm! Is it so? Let us  see from youtube’
Every other song is uploaded in You tube..There it was, MGR in his best ( I was never a fan of MGR, Rajini had captivated us with his style by then) and Saroja Devi, with her fluttering eye lids and roving eyes, singing this song.
‘MGR would have been in his forties, See how smart he looks, square jaw, broad shoulders and the charisma in his face’ she told
Not to be left behind ‘ Even Saroja Devi looks beautiful, though there is an extra layer of makeup, small face, round and attractive’ I complemented
‘Who wrote the lyrics? Kannadasan or Vali ? My dad used to say- the music doesn’t impede the lyrics and happens to flow along the voice’
We searched for that too and It was by Panchu Arunachalam ,a lesser known Lyricist
Though we both had not born when the movie was released
And then She told ‘Search for the Sivaji and Savitri Bharatiyar song’
‘I know all of Bharatiyar tamil songs which have come in movies. But what you tell has no head or tail’
‘The one which Sivaji sings commending  the greatness of each state of India’
‘Oh, that one.Sindhu nadhiyin misai ‘
After that it was quite a few bharatiyar songs.. And where was my tiredness?
Then there was an sms, “ watch Vijay tv super singer show’’. She was amused when I switched on the tv.
A new face was singing an old song based on carnatic music. ‘who sent the sms?’ She asked.
“Krishna, the anesthetist “
“Even your new friends know all about you, its only with me you don’t tell stories”
Oh My God.. It has started again..

The abandoned railway station

We sat  together ..
Where no one  comes
Where no train passes
Just  we two,like new friends
Like the rails of  the track..
The words couldn’t be rememberd
 It was enough that we Sat there..
 Intent to listen, eager to share..
Gossips, dreams and our past
We sat there at the station
Where the Gulmohar and silver oak
Wet after the night’s shower
Like two aged grandmothers
Stood still listening to our words
Dripping flowers now and then..

( This was written sometime back, about our old days spent in KGF..Hmmm those were days..though the station shown here is not  the same one)
 P.S. this is an excerpt from the blog which tells about the lyrics of the song.
There are just so many songs that have exceptional tunes and lyrics. Although I don't claim to be a genius in this department to critique them, I could write down the enjoyment.
Here are the lyrics for ponnezhil poothathu from kalankarai vilakkam:


  1. Mhm... time to pause and ponder whatever changed from then to now...

  2. One look, and I thought it s Allahabad railway station platform….
    Looks like being a Doc is less tedious a job when compared to being a dad haha…
    (but no comparison i know)

  3. Hi Aditya.. ur posts so make me relate to the original incidents and that's what i like about, i still remember the goodness ur last post brought to my heart.. this one is no lesser..

    keep up the good wrk..

  4. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

  5. Fantastic written
    my compliments


  6. thank you friends.. I was not able to look into posts.. and meanwhile my one year of blogging also came and went..
    @NRI Girl..hmm.. Yeah I talked to her too.. about what went wrong.. why we are no more romantic.. she is telling.. meesai naraikkira vayasula aasaiya paaru..:(
    @deeps.. any railway platform is good to sit and chat.. many days, we had come out in a chilly night, when my friends would leave to chennai via bangarpet station., the last bus would be at 10 and the train only at 1 am in our station, so till then, chat in our home, or in railway station..and adhi would've been bundled in wollen clothes..
    being a dad is indeed very thankful job.. but of late I am not able to spend time with adhi too.. all the last four week ends i was busy with some hospital work..
    @ pramoda- I can weave incidents which i have seen or felt.. nothing aside that.. there would be a small element of imagination.. many times it would be the true story and dialogues..
    @ kalyan.. I saw your photos.. awesome they were..and i would come as often as possible.
    welcome back..after a long break..and thanks too.