Monday, October 3, 2011

Journeying through....

Splintered, fallen and lost all edges,
Shed all dust, polished and tamed
Slimy and wet, with a greenish vein,
The smoothness carved, without any pain
The ripples and the river were a potter's hand
Shaping and caressing even along the bend.,
And then, some day, the river ceased to flow
The sun beat down to crack and to frown
Still I lay, reflecting the heat,
Some rain, some day, would drown me again
Some sun, another day will break me to grain...

photo courtesy - sri raam kalingarayar..

சத்தம் போடாதே, சலசலத்து நடக்கின்றாள்

மூதாட்டி பெரும்பாறை உடைந்து சில்லாகி 
வழியெங்கும் காத்திருக்க, 
புனலாய் இச்சிறுமி, பெருநீர் பெருக்கெடுத்து 
கூட்டி ச்செல்வதென்று?

பேச்சை தொலைத்து விட்டு 
பாறை எல்லாம் நின்றிருக்கு
கல்லு சில்லெல்லாம் ஓடையோடும், ஓசையோடும்
துணையாய் செல்கிறதோ?

எட்டிப் பார்க்கும் சில பாறைக்குள்ளும் கூட
ஈரமும் காற்றுமாய் உள்ளே போய் வெளி வந்து
மெல்ல கரைக்கின்றாள்
தந்தை மார்பில் கிடந்த பெண் குழந்தை போல் இந்த
சின்னஞ்சிறு அருவி... 
the tamil poem was written long time back..parents and kids came to stay with us for ten days.. so I lost touch with blogging for some time.. nothing flashed too..but then i wrote this english poem while i was waiting for a patient to deliver.. and I knew what photo to select for this.. The added bonus was, there was already a tamil poem for that.. but an entirely different theme..



  1. Cool Doc! Both poems are beautiful and the picture is superb. Is it from the recent trip?
    How is Adhi? And She?

  2. I'm afraid not a good reader of Tamil, but the poem in English is good. Honestly it is.
    AS NRIgirls mentioned it gave a good picture.

  3. Ohhhh
    You know what I flashed my mind when I read this?
    a poem I studied years back, a river by a k ramanujan…
    I m not very sure whatss going on in your mind that inspired you to scribble these lines…beautifully expressed anyway…

  4. Beautiful photo and poem! :-)

    have a great week :-)


  5. Love your English poem
    so well written
    I cannot read those tamil words !!

    Creative shot
    I love the nature...

  6. hello Doctor saab!

    very nice poem, I loved the last two lines the goes on, whether there is river or not to love.

    keep writing!

  7. whether there is river to love the rock or not.

    (sorry mistake in typing)

  8. Hi Aditya, that's well put. when we recollect the long back written poems, words, we feel very good at heart..

    nice pic too..

  9. sirr as usual super sir..eppadi irrukingo? dubai pakkam eppo visit? tc luv

  10. wow! I love all the lines
    'greenish vein, smoothness carved without any pain, the potters hands shaping and caressing.

    this reminds me of getting older, and maturing. how we gradually feel the aging process and if it should happen all at once it would be intolerable.

    very nice, adithyasaravana! really enjoyed this one

    Hope you are well!

    "The ripples and the river were a potter's hand
    Shaping and caressing even along the bend.," look at the lines!!!!!!:)
    enjoyed it to the core:)

  12. Weldon adithya. Nice poem especially the picture suits well.

  13. Beautiful photo and poem! :-)

    God bless and have a wonderful week! :-)

  14. thank you all.. practicing obs gynec has its own hazards.. with a holiday week ahead, i hope to be more blog friendly..