Friday, October 28, 2011

Tugging the nets..

The title ( Caption for photographers) is a borrowed one.. I used to be surprised as  to how crisp and poetic were the captions.. Made up? for example..( But this particular photo, caption and the small write up..made me write a poem in tamil  and an english translation...( Fisherfolk at Kasimedu tugging at their nets .These nets were entangled in the sea during the recent storm. The fishermen were surprisingly very friendly....). Never meant to be critical..It was just my opinion about the write up at that particular time..

why this post now? A story By KP sir and the response by Anil Kurup( Such values are often found more among the poor and economically marginalised. ) reminded me of  this old poem..
photo courtesy - sriraam kalingarayar.

வியக்கத்தகும் நட்பு ??

அவர் கடமை அவர்க்கு உண்டு
ஒரு தசையும் உன் விழி பார்த்து அசையவில்லை
தன் செயல் செய்திடுவார், தத்தமது  போக்கினிலே,
ஒரு முகத்திலும் அயர்ச்சியோ , களைப்போ இல்லை
விதண்டாவாதம் பேசி வேதனை படுத்தாதே நண்பா ,
பேச்சை கொடுத்துப்பார், உயிரை கொடுத்திடுவார்
வியக்கத்தகும் நட்பு, வீதியிலும், சேரியிலும் உண்டு..
மாடியிலும், மேட்டுக்குடியிலும் தான் அரிது..

The english translation..

Surprisingly friendly??

Not a brow raised against your lens.
Diligent and involved, tangled livelihood
Not a face showing disgust, nor resent
They are on their own, why blame them mate?
Give them your words, they'll pour out their hearts..
Never tis surprising to find true friendships
in penury and lowly, than find truth in affluence and fame...

those photos have reduced if not stopped all together.. but it was at that time, that I took small steps writing poems in English  and revived my Tamil writing..


  1. True indeed. If you have not posted the Anglican version I would be spending quite some time trying to read the Tamil version.

  2. Simple things are often more beautiful and more meaningful though we seldom understand that…

  3. Thanks for this..;) meaningful post..:)