Sunday, October 23, 2011

when I have nothing to write...

Actually I had small small moments to write down somthing.. to store in the drafts of my cell phone.. An open bible which I happened to see while waiting for my friend to get ready ( car pooling)..and something which evoked me to write.. A nammazhwar pasuram which i tried translating ineffectively..
And, If i sit in front of computer on a sunday, with kids running around, phone calls to attend, festive season in the air.. what poetry could i try to write all of a sudden?.. Some one wants a caesarean section at a particular time today. The operating doctor had called me to assist.. haven't got much time either.
But I wrote an email today.. actually for my friend who went to watch  this movie "Engeyum Eppothum" tamil movie with his pregnant wife.. which they had to quit half way because of the tragic incident which takes place in the movie.. He asked me to send me a review of the movie..
So I just copied to paste the mail..
( A short recap of story - the movie it self starts with two buses colliding head on, coming from opposite directions. It is about the lives of people who travelled inside those buses.. Meeting of two lovers.. their flash back and a climax where the two love tracks end..)

hi thambi..

The primary aim of director is commercial success..If his concern was genuine, at least 50 %that his message should go across, then his intention has to be appreciated.
we don't know how much of good things we follow watching movies..the influence itself lasts few hours..I mean, how much of personality change is effected by such movies. Ppl tend to grasp easily the darker side of such things.
coming to the movie proper.. the characters are woven around the central theme of the make it appear appealing, the accident itself shown gruesome.,but that 's what happens in accidents.. this, when compared to some english movies like final destination is very very mild, and predictable thing.
though , the hero who dies is not met with any of those gory butcheries..he is shown only to bleed a little from his ears..the director is intelligent in that respect.. hasn't made it more disgusting for the one whom we have seen thru the whole movie..
the success of the movie lies in the way the passion is created between the characters.. both the love stories are told in a very simple, yet gripping manner.. the flaw in the one between Sarvanand and Ananya is that, it is somewhat unbelievable that a girl from trichy has so much of ignorance about city life.. but certain characters are like that.. her secret glances, her stubbornness, fear, passion, faith all captured in that one walk of that day..
even Sarvanand's initial irritation, the one hour permission, extending into the full day leave, and his fascination into her naive personality is sequenced without much skepticism. When she takes a dig at arranged marriage, that love seems more plausible with her explanation.
Jai and Anjali's story appears amusing.. their love itself is strengthened by the small pranks, and the way she tries to over power him. and his submissive nature..the ego between the conductor and the passenger, because of which these two are forced to get down later on, tells about the scheme of destiny..
the other characters which are being cast are shown to tell how eager, the father, or how illustrious the  kid in the bus is.. keeps us queasy  as to who is going to die and who will survive..
though they come for a short time, the passion is shown effectively, between father and daughter, and an infatuated girl and boy.. and a newly married couple.. though some excesses are shown in those characters...
to up the effect the screeching of both buses are shown.. it keeps us guessing what went wrong, who violated the rules and all..
the song, govinda.. is nice..others I don't remember..
ultimately, when we come out , we feel heavy hearted, little fearful..
over all the movie was nice..
but did i start wearing seat belt? did i stop talking in mobile phone while driving? do the private bus drivers stop blaring  behind us while driving the bike? do ppl stop over speeding because they saw this movie?
everyone has a passionate wife, kid or mother , each life is precious..reminds me of the incident whre a night sleeper bus caught fire and all in that lost life..( KPN?)..
meena shuddered in between, wept and all..
are traffic  laws stricter in foreign countries? Is the sheer enormity of our population makes life here cheap? because everyone knows to subvert or bend the laws..a driver too has got a family and some responsibility towards them too.. whom to blame?
the other day, when my ent friend's car came to leave his wife in my college, i called him up later and asked.. whether he saw the movie.. because his car itself was zooming past with the turn of my head..
at least helps to make fun..


  1. nice read saravana sir. haven't watched the movie but the songs are interesting.true that ppl get influenced by the darker sides rather than the other way round.
    and bloody accidents are something that i hate to watch. i still dont know if movies show the exaggerated version of an accident,however you are right that they are mild when compared to the movies like FD.
    Well the last part was funny:)we dont know:)
    and wishing you a advance happy diwali:)

  2. Enjoy your weekend
    with your whole family :-)


  3. Wish You And Your Family A Very Happy Diwali!! In Advance :) :)

  4. Doctors can be multifaceted too. Now you have donned the role of a film critique!

    If movies and books can influence people and change them for good or bad well all we need is more cinema than schools. That is not the case you know.

    I get sick of melodrama and slick romance, may be the sign of getting old.

  5. It's so nice to hear from you Dr.Saravana - even if about a movie.

    Indian roads are a nightmare. I lost my best friend and her husband on the spot when their van had collided with a standing lorry that had no lights on in the wee hours of morning. The driver had feld the scene and still at large. It has been 7 years now and the hurt stays.

    Making the roads one way and educating children (who will soon be adults) about road safety is key. Also imposing fine for speeding, tailgating and other road rage might help. Ultimately it all begins at home...

  6. This is a good one….
    I watched this movie yesterday only…I wouldn’t write it off fully… there were things I liked about this one….
    Change is always good I would say…I don’t want the lead actor not to die or get injured... movie should be representation of life…. (yes business is business at the end of the day)

  7. Happy happy diwali
    I wish you health happiness and a
    wonderful new year

    Your Dutch friends :))))