Sunday, October 30, 2011

Love shared..

This I wrote in bits and pieces.. the psalm itself  was read from an open Bible while waiting for my friend to get ready.. The page inspired me to think of the words and write something.. Weaned.. but not orphaned.. were the thoughts that were going on for a few days..Google searched to get the psalm.
photo courtesy - Sri raam kalingarayar.
My heart is not proud O lord,
My eyes are not haughty,
I do not concern myself  with great matters.
Or things too wonderful for me
But I have stilled and quietened my soul
Like a weaned child with its mother,
Like a weaned child is my soul within me..
Psalm 131
 I do not know, how far those words apply for me..have I stilled and quietened my soul? Do I not concern myself with matters which are great, desires which are materialistic? when I think of that, I remember another pasuram by Nammazhwar.. somehow I connected both the shepherd and the cowherd..the english translation too written sometime back while sitting simply in clinic..

Love shared..

Weaned, but not orphaned,
Held, but not burdened
Loved ,and so set free
Bond unseen, like roots of a tree
Cast, answered, by a rolling dice
Of fate, which wrought some joy and vice..
Always but, you did hold in place
A mere pawn though, safe and cared.
The hands are but of your own grace..
That plays and mocks,  and the  love shared..

The Nammazhwar pasuram..

' கையார் சக்கரத்தென்  கருமாணிக்கமே !' என்றென்று 
பொய்யே கைம்மை சொல்லி புறமே புறமேயாடி 
மெய்யே பெற்று  ஒழிந்தேன் : விதிவாய்க்கின்று  காப்பாரார்?
ஐயோ! கண்ணபிரான் அரையோ இனிப்போனாலே ..


"Disc adorned lord, My dear  black pearl"
My tastes lie low, In vain I praise thou.,
My false love you claim, To flaunt as pure and true.
My heart is locked with yours, In divine grace and bliss
Will I stop the flow? lest others? stop this Love?
Could I cease to bond? 'Kanna!' my dear, My lord!

I thought there were not much mystic poems in tamil.. Haven't read Rumi In Persian, Don't know the meanings of Abhangs.. But these 4000 verses, still sung in some temples, though with some mechanical recitation, captivates when read and savoured alone..
Probably religion also is a sort of exaltation., when will I become sober?


  1. If one can be comfortable with God and devotion to what is considered god well nothing wrong I guess. It may be opium , but even physicians prescribe opium in tiny doses for different conditions. don't they?

  2. Interesting... I love your translations of these Tamil poems. My Tamil teacher would have been excited if you were her student! :)

  3. எளிய நடையில் தமிழில் நல்ல தேர்ச்சி இல்லாத எனக்கு புரியும்படியாக நம்மாழ்வார் பாசுரங்களுக்கு தமிழில் அர்த்தமோ அல்லது உரையோ எங்கு கிடைக்குமென்று சொல்லமுடியுமா?
    உங்களின் பதிவுகளை பார்த்தபின் நம்மாழ்வாரின் பாசுரங்களை படித்து இன்புற மிக்க ஆவல் கொண்டேன்

  4. super sir..kalakitingo...sory i wasnot in touch for some time...sure all well with u wishs always:)

  5. My compliments
    for your FANTASTIC poem :)

    I love it

    Have a Happy week-end
    hugs from us all

  6. Nice of u to put the translations.. thanks..