Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ohh. Soul

Does it bear the fragrance of my being?
Of my sins and my life's longing?
Does it count the days of rejoice?
Of lament, repentance and of mere choice?

Does It bear the badge of a Victor?
Or the blemish of a transgressor?
Of richness or of  penury of this world?
Or  carry rewards earned in HIS favour?

Does it fly away or shall go down?
To merge  like a drop in the mighty ocean?
Does it part to meet my master?
Before enslaving into another of HIS notion?

Does it have an eye to see, who came to set my fire?
Why then, do I torment my soul?
When I couldn't even thank the one ,
Who closes my veil?


  1. Your ask is intense and seek oft repeated by many in the past. But have you found a definite answer?

  2. Nice one Doc! Nice to hear from you after so long!

  3. @ anil, your reply prompted me to write another blogpost in answering you.. Thoughts come and go..
    But I am unable to sit in front of the screen.. Partly because of my work and partly because I've become lazy ( I don't wake up early mornings)

    @ Hepsibah,
    Thanks and I've been quiet irregular for sometime..
    Students have come to clinical postings and we are short staffed and no free time to be at leisure @ work
    The remaining hours I schedule my surgeries..
    How are kids and israel?
    Reply vida nala visaarippa than achu

  4. deep thoughts indeed dr...hmm..if only v have the answers..only today v were talking..has the path been already laid, or do v create our's the hen n egg story..

  5. hey enna ore kalakals


  6. Wish you a very happy Christmas & peaceful and prosperous New Year

  7. hey why not any updates?
    or is there another blog?

  8. ha ha.. no another blog.. just became lazy..thnks..

  9. Howdy doc?! You have been awarded. Please check out my latest post. Hope all is well at your end.