Sunday, January 23, 2011

A happy soul is a godsent friend

People who renounce desires, often turn, into hypocrites.. Jalaluddin Rumi..

Experiences are the investment for a person who writes... especially poetry..Like a cattle chewing cud, I often bring out the words dropped into the depths of my heart.. and experience the sorrow and bitterness. Sometimes fine tuning those  words of misfortune into a meter or something which requires rhyming. I am not telling about the pleasant things we come across ,which I readily advertise on my face. Once a carefree person, I envied myself for having thoughts which never enslaved me... But I’m happy for the life which is ruthless, which shook my roots so hard that it knocked off my many  desires..Maybe I haven’t renounced  desires but pushed them into the deeper crevices of my heart..Acting modest and pious in front of my kannan,  denying the fact that grapes are  the bounty of nature and pressed by hands that work to make wine ..


And of the words which I started pondering upon...

My soul is bewildered by the appetite of my senses
Loathing and grieving to wade through this puddle
Do make haste and  let the time of my calling shrink
I pray upon thy feet which breached the earth and the sky


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