Saturday, June 4, 2011

" Till death do us part"

They have rusted, but still sturdy..

They may squeak, yet they swing

The plank is worn out , still does bridge

They stay, like old couple, wanting a touch

Bound by love and life and hope

To stir again, to swing again...

( P.S. very busy schedule since 10 days, no blog, reading,jog or swimming with puppy, I just wrote this as a sms to my friend's photo, which he gracefully allowed to use the photo and words for my post..


  1. Soo Touching Write Up :) Though Its Rusted, They Still Have Their Own Memories Which Ever Never Erase :) :)

  2. thought provoking. quite touching and goes well with photo!

    wonderful photo!

  3. I like that! You just described me and my wife :-)

  4. That one speaks volumes….
    Superbly wrought…
    Like the hard, old wood yet super strong… classy .. and apt pict too

  5. So cool!

    On a different note, do you really think the word verification step at comment posting help?

  6. Very touching words !!!!
    But my compliments
    you are really talented :-)

  7. thank you all..
    @NRI girl,
    ha ha.. do you find that when you type a comment for me.. i try to make things simple for me..word verification is a sort of irritant..Does it help? ? may be others should clarify..( I don't catch redblood cells while doing ceasarean section..but yeah, catching tiny bleeders will keep the field clean..)

  8. what can I say.......excellent!

  9. welcome
    Espi.. I know you have visited my blog more than once.. but i treasure your comments most.. because you know who was my mentor when i first started writing poems in kannada some 15 years ago...and I am happy I am still able to show you whatever I had written..