Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What did I listen to?

what can I offer, which he has not made?

He saw me though again, standing in the crowd..

Whose beckoning, I loathe, I go when I please

Through my senses I try, to comprehend his grace

I wade, I hide, I say my heart blossomed

Through words which I read, I spoke and I listened.

He stood there smiling, while I covered all follies

Still in the crowd, tending to my worries..

His call I ignored, I say I am his owning

I came through ages, free to his choosing..


 மனம் அகம் மலம் அற மலர் மிசை எழுதரும்
மனன் உணர் வளவிலன், பொறிஉணர்வவை இலன்
இனன் உணர் முழுனலம் எதிர் நிகழ் கழிவினும்
இனன் இலன் என்னுயிர் மிகு நரை இலனே


( I thought I had nothing to write this week.. but this pasuram which I read while waiting for a patient to deliver, was stored deep, and I woke up early , inspired to write..)


  1. Just when I think I got it, it escapes me...
    And then the 'pasuram' - it evades me also...

  2. Soooo Beautiful Fantastic Write Up :) :)

  3. You never know what will inspire a person to write. Very Nice :-)

  4. with the PS it sheds some light to the mystery in the lines... :)

  5. i am so glad you were inspired! i am having such trouble getting inspiration lately. hopefully it won't last to long for me. :)

    I I love your thoughts and the way you express them. thank you so much for sharing
    have a wonderful day!