Friday, September 14, 2012

Conversing with my Son

We were driving towards Windsor castle. Morning we both had got ready for swimming and then suddenly I had to attend an emergency call. So I promised him to take  for swimming in the evening. 
We both like to swim in the rains much to the disapproval of my better half. The climate was perfect with dark clouds gathering..
While nearing the hotel, puppy had started this. " Daddy, kgf thatha ( my father), appatha ( my mother), tiruchengode thatha ( her father) , avva (her mother), all these people will live with us till what class I go?"
"We can't know puppy, only god will know"
" Why only God knows when they all die , dad?"
" Because if we know that they will die when you are in a particular standard, you will feel sad throughout and even others too will worry thinking of the day they are going to die. God wants us to enjoy life and not to think of the end. That's why he keeps it  discreet."
"Ohh, won't God feel bad when we die?"
I smile and tell " God doesn't feel bad, he feels happy because we return back to him "
" Dad, won't he feel bad if we go back to different Gods?"
"There is only one God puppy"
" Ohh, all go to Vishnu only, isn't it dad?"
" We call him by the name of Vishnu, kutti. Each one has different names for the same God"
I parked the bike and continued the conversation till we reached the billing counter.


  1. Inquisitive mind. The mind of a child seeks questions , answers are not what they ask, I guess. By questioning they grow. Don't you think so? and your replies will make him come alive with more questions. If only such discussion happens among the old!!!!!

  2. ohh God!! there is another son of yours wanting to know You :))

  3. @anilkurup
    Rightly Said., they grow by questioning.. Though irritating at times I'll nevertheless be intrigued when he comes up with " daddy , I have a question for you"

    @ deeps,
    I hope to place the options and allow him to choose..stories are what fascinates a child's mind rather than the philosophy behind it