Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be a part of myself....

My heart is melting,
Say not  comforting words
Please melt with me
My eyes are moist
Don't try a wiping hand
Just fill the void
The burden is heavy
Don't try lifting it..
Just be a part of it
For this sadness
Is not bought by suffering
But by separation
Till His light clears the mist
And forms little droplets on the leaves
Let this coldness cover the woods...



  1. oh so beautiful, touching and heartfelt

    'for this sadness is not brought by suffering but by separation'
    very strong words
    thank you

  2. thank you hope.. those were the very words and expression which triggered me write the whole thing.

  3. Expressive and beautiful lines.Is there a mystical content in them as I suspect?I could see a devotee's pangs of separation from the Alighty and his longing to merge with Him.

  4. Dear Adithya,
    Good Evening!
    You are in love and right now you're missing her a lot...Let the separation makes your love stronger and cheer up now!
    Very touching lines....
    Wishing you a wonderful evening,