Friday, February 25, 2011

A Soft weave..

You are different now
I have no love left, nor fear, or bitterness
Life longs for that sweet innocent love

Life is different now
You have no ramblings, nor fear, or sorrows
Your jest speaks of trifles , boldness and of facts

Facts are no more fantasies
You broke open your cocoon
And there you are , with wings, colours and strength

Strength baffles my heart
A moth still I am , prisoner of my weave
Nevertheless, my God lent me a purpose
Painless, and in slumber, I part with my home..

Home , sweet  home
Where he resides in his splendor
And after chains of joy and longing
We reach HIS form, me and you...

सर्व भूतानी कौन्तेय प्रकृतिं यान्ति मामिकाम I
कल्पक्षये पुनस्तानि कल्पदौ विस्रुयाम्यहम I

At the end of a cycle, O son of Kunti! all beings return to the unmanifested state of my Cosmic nature.At the begining of the next great cycle, I cast them forth again.(9:7)

( hmmm.. I try to think in tamil and write in english... please bear with me..A mini anthaathi. ;)... )

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