Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Placid is my lord... Nammazhwar pasuram

I had once put a query, while telling about a pasuram by thirumazhisai azhwar.. “ Do I make God appear too menial?”. I got an answer for that from Nammazhwar.Actually azhwar in tamil simply means some one who is ‘immersed’.. Immersed in the love towards HIM..These mystic saints were so immersed  in bhakthi  that we do not know the actual names of 4 of the 12 azhwars  and  in fact thirumazhisai azhwar  is called by the name of his place of birth . It doesn’t mean that the others were having royal patronage. They sung only in praise of HIM and one could rarely find names of kings or chieftains in their songs and that is exactly the reason why there is so much confusion in ascertaining their period or dates.
And about this pasuram., I liked this one  because this reflects so much about a personal God, the incomprehensible ,omnipotent ,supreme being is simply told in words that make him become close and amiable for a devotee..And my heart carries this song like a child which carries it ‘s favourite toy, often caressing the words and admiring the meaning..

ÀòШ¼ «ÊÂÅ÷ìÌ ±Ç¢ÂÅý, À¢È÷¸ÙìÌ «¡¢Â
Å¢ò¾¸ý ÁÄ÷Á¸û Å¢ÕõÒõ ¿õ «Õõ¦ÀÈø «Ê¸û
ÁòÐÚ ¸¨¼ ¦Åñ¦½ö ¸ÇŢɢø ¯ÃÄ¢¨¼ ¡ôÒñÎ
±ò¾¢Èõ ¯ÃÄ¢¦É¡Î þ¨½ó¾¢ÕóÐ ²í¸¢Â ±Ç¢§Å!

His humility baffles my words, and placid is my lord
So easy to his devotees, yet difficult for others
Easy to reprimand and allowed to be tied
For his pranks and his stealth,killing all his pride
Mighty  though as he , is the consort of sri..
He still is a desciple for his humble devotees.


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