Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fragrance of Life..

photo courtesy-sri raam kalingarayar.

It was horribly late .I don’t know how I became unmindful of minutes today morning.There was this big truck taking a reverse turn in our narrow lane and we had to wait in  a long queue of morning zoomers.Nothing was bothering puppy , for he is still too young to understand about late timings and was very sure that I would land him up in school, if not in school bus. I fastened my seat belt as the traffic cleared and entered the main road.
Shakthi medicals, murugan stores, sharadha college... Oh ! the bus was not to be seen at all and I was incessantly honking my way up the road. Ok, Probably  Hasthampatti roundtana.Yeah, the bus was spotted  and was taking a turn  at the signal. Unfortunately we had to face a blaring red light.
I was pondering..yesterday was too hectic for me.The day before I had a high risk delivery and had to be awake the whole night. Soon after finishing that my eyes were compelling me to take rest for at least an hour, but puppy had to be  taught maths, at least in the  morning. Just a brush up for his annual exams. It was an usual day, came home in the evening, planned to teach him Tamil.But there was a call from hospital and had to go immediately. Not many patients. Unfortunately the one who had called up came very late and by the time I came home, puppy had slept.
I slept like a log and skipped my morning jog,but got up in time to wake  puppy. Bleary eyed he was, unusual for getting up so early.  I Made him brush his teeth, wash his face and started on with the third term tamil portion. Tamil grammer was new to me. All what  I learnt in my school days was kannada. So was enjoying teaching him.
Her phone rang. I was irritated with the caller. I told  her to switch off the phone for few days. What with all her bp shooting up and sometimes scaring me to the hell.She required admission and being a gynecologist myself, had a domiciliary treatment under my care.
It was then that she was thanking some one.,OH!! How did I forget this today morning. Suddenly  I was enveloped in a gush of remorse. ‘Oh God, Meena I forgot to wish you.I really, really , was telling about your birthday to my colleagues yesterday morning.I was too pre occupied to remember today’. Told puppy about her birthday, and all three of us had a tight hug.
Some days are like this.I called up my colleague to carry on as it was getting late.No car pooling today. Asked him to inform resident medical officer that I would be late for work today.Signal cleared and  again we  started chasing the vehicles in front of us. There is a railway crossing.probably I ll catch his bus there. A motor cyclist honked , overtook us and signalling.It was then  I realized that the door was not locked properly, and also the school bus was just a way in front.I asked the motor cycist to stop the bus if possible.
School children spotted Adhithya in the car and the bus started to slow and move towards the left. I became relaxed. No need for permission today , I can catch up before 9 am in the college.I said bye to puppy, and started driving towards college. Put on the music, and now started following traffic rules.Out of all traffic now, crossed city limits and on NH47 in my usual speed. Now, I realized why she was asking yesterday whether I had to go to college this day. Hmm, I’ve probably become old. Old enough to forget birthdays.I suddenly felt guilty.There was this song from my player. Something is missing today.Ah! The fragrance of tulsi leaves( holy basil).
Suddenly  I searched for the next crossing in the National highways, took an U turn and started driving towards home. I parked my car and honked.She came out , surprised and smiling, asking ‘why did you return back?’. With a twinkle in my eyes  I answered ‘ You didn’t give tulsi leaves for my dashboard today, and my kannan was sad for that’.She smiled and replied.” I’ve got enough tulsi garland for both of  us to go to temple today morning” as I was entering my home.

( The song which reminded me of the fragrance...

கற்பூரம் நாறுமோ? கமலப்பூ நாறுமோ?
திருப்பவழ செவ்வாய் தான் தித்தித்திருக்குமோ?
மருப்பொசித்த மாதவன்தான் வாய்ச்சுவையும் நாற்றமும்
விருப்புற்று கேட்கின்றேன் சொல்லாழி வெண்சங்கே ....

கோதை நாச்சியார்

What does it smell? of lotus or camphor?
How does it taste? of honey or nectar?
Parted ruby lips, a place you shelter..
Their fragrance and taste, ye do know better
I wait to listen with awe and eager
Your words on him ,on my lord, his nature...

Kothai natchiayar about krishna's conch in natchiyar tirumozhi.)


  1. Finally You Could Reach To The Bus. At Times, I too get irritated, specially when some1 comes in front of my car or some1 crosses the road when I'm driving.

    Convey My Birthday Wishes Too!

    Those Lines are touching. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Namaste....
    Sometimes life gets so busy we get absentminded and forget the simplest of things. Be patient with yourself and if you can stage a daily agenda to act as a reminder of tasks and appointments.

    Take care, stay blessed and thank you for visiting my place.


  3. Very nice touching lines today !!!!!

    Have a nice evening
    Hugs from us
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<
    Anya :)

  4. Ooppsssss..... sorry... I forgot....

    Happy happy birthday for your wife :-)
    I wish her all the best !!!!

    (Thank you very much for your birthday wishes :))

  5. Your tamil poem is very nice. In our childhood my dad wil tel this slogam to us and explain about the meaning. At that time we never care for that.

    Now me miss my dad very much.

  6. thank you dear all..
    I had very trying times and spent the whole last week in hospital.
    thank you sahana for your hopeful poems..
    and anya for putting a smile whenever i visit your place
    Rhapsody..for your encouraging words
    thank you latha.. and I miss my little girl child who stayed with us for just 4 days..i too would have told about kothai, and bharathiyar if i had the fortune to have her..