Thursday, April 7, 2011

Borrowed sentiments..

Am I worth it?

Nobler to say I gave up

Pity if I sulk within.

When I take up a blame,

and when I suppress my hurt

When I let things go by

To make myself more worthy

My voice would sound so different,

Different rather from my heart

Clear without a blemish,

The air of purity I may gain..

The extra mile that I've walked

Craggy with thorns it would be..

((inspired by a post by deeps..


  1. Really wonderful to read, it was a pleasure .

    Thanks for holding out the hand of friendship likewise to you. I do appreciate all the comments and value them.


  2. what a wonderful write! so true. our voices are different if we don't speak from the heart. I think it's important to remember to always speak from the heart. everyone's heart is truly wonderful if only we could trust each other enough to share it.

    holding out the hand of friendship' beautiful words Yvonne. I share the same sentiments.

  3. Oh, so nice of you for your nice comment and to know that you find my poems evolves with time..and that's what would happen with you too..and you are certainly a lot more talented..

  4. Very beautiful lines written
    soooooo wonderful...
    my compliments :-)

    Life isn't about finding youself
    Life is about creating yourself

    Take care
    and my thoughts are with your family !!

    Try to enjoy you week-end
    Hugs Anya

  5. @yvonne.
    thanks for visiting..and your nice words.
    yeah, but some times we do speak what we don't intend to speak, malice, ill will and hypocrisy plague everyone.. but it depends in the degree and the frequency..I hope that I would be guided properly in my dealings with others..
    thanks.. you made me feel great..but yes, i need to learn a lot..and find this as a better pastime.
    @ anya..
    you are soooo generous with your compliments..
    and hugs from me, meena and puppy..
    ha ha.. I call my son puppy..Hope kareltje and betsie would like hugs from puppy too..

  6. com'on... now i dont see any sentiment to relate to my post... it s a wonderful creation of your own... maybe that post of mine was just instrumental...
    anyhow, nice poem that affirms the need to let go to free ourselves...

  7. @ rajarajeswari
    thank s a lot..
    @ deeps..
    your post makes me think for a long time..last one i read several times..
    @ ramesh..
    thnks pa..