Thursday, April 28, 2011

For a change.. Love...

I remembered
That  I  loved and died..
Where did I wake up today?

The love failed
And i cursed you for it
The love failed
And you took up the blame
How much more would you love me
For love’s sake?

You walked away
And left a trace
I followed that back
To find memories..

How long will you lament?
As long as your heart pours
And words are moist..

When at last he asks
‘Son, how was your stay?’
I would ask another chance
For fair play..


  1. A great poem, excellently written.
    Thanks for the comment, I expect it's on dvd now as videos are almost obsolete.


  2. words are what we just see,
    there is lot more behind these...

  3. yvonne... thanks a lot for your constant encouragement..

    @ deeps..
    /words are what we just see.,
    there is lot more behind these,/

    and probably i've continued to answer in your blog for your comment..

  4. That's touching..

    Thanks for visiting my blog and pls keep coming..:)

  5. this is a thought provoking piece, adithyasaravana.

    I was thinking about Jesus while I was reading this.
    and then the question, 'son, how was your stay?' humanized it for me.

    makes me think that perhaps when our time comes to answer that question we will also want another chance.

    enjoyed this
    thank you

  6. @ pramoda.. thanks.. and I liked this one too very much..
    /Best memories bring back smiles.

    Ultimate memories bring back tears./

    @ hope..
    Probably I too was thinking of jesus as i was writing this.. 'Krishna or Kannan is more an intellectual.. though he is dear to those who seek passionate love..
    thanks for your response..