Sunday, May 1, 2011

ಆಕಾಶ ದೀಪವು ನೀನು.. You are the light of my sky..

I woke up on this sunday evening with this song in my heart. Somehow it kept on ringing. Such melodious music. The last time I listened to this song  was in my undergraduate days some 15 years back. Never knew who the actors were, the lyricist and  the music director.. but the song is one of the best of  its kind..Now with google search and you tube, I thought I can never miss on anything..

I am giving the link below for this song...

there is a sad version of this song too...but I loved this one.. the first stanza.. of course I was singing this song to wake up my son too..I would have listened to some 15 times today.. to the you tube version..I pulled a chair for my wife to listen, and translating the lyrics in tamil.. she was wondering why I suddenly became crazy  about  a kannada song..

I tried translating this  kannada song  though with some difficulty..

You are the light of my sky.
Why does my soul leap, on seeing you , with joy?
Your  enchanting looks captivates  my heart..
Why does it pain, when you are out of my sight?

On the day when i saw you first
My heart leapt, my soul blossomed
Overwhelmed and happy I became
The day when You tuned the harp of my heart,

When the love did happen,
A garland of desires followed
Proudly worn by my heart
But unto the surrender of my life..
When you do become my partner
I ‘m saved , my dear, I am saved..

I  am uploading  a comment for this song in the site... that explains why this song becomes so lovable...
you know what gaanasudhe., if i ever go mad, then you would solely be responsible for it. coz of all these years and years of longing & searching for this video, why the hell did i happen to chance upon this clip today only? :'( today of all these days huh!?? it is just so befitting right now....
thanks a zillion millions for posting :)

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  1. I thinks this is very beautiful, I missed this on Sunday as I took a break.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Also many thanks for your comment , pleased your wife saw the wedding.