Saturday, May 21, 2011

I knew...

A poem by hope inspired me to write this...

I knew , you went covering your face
The long road ahead, I stopped to glance..
I knew , you kept secrets from me..
‘cos  i would cringe, for you and me..

I know, you placed in ‘nother mighty hand
And plead to stay, and care and tend..
I know I blamed,i wriggled and  am mute
For my life was dear, and i cried at the fate

I know, the road, had parted ways
My life,you were gone, the same both ways
I know, I live and am never dead or insane
For the life He has given is to live and to gain...

thanks hope..


  1. you are very kind. Thank you adithyasaravana.

    so sad when paths part.

    This is a wonderfully deeply felt poem and it too is inspiring. there is pain and longing in your words and yet so much hope. no matter the hardships we face there is still more of life out there for us to experience. there is always more blessings for us to receive. wonderful message!

    thank you :)

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  3. yes life is for to live gain and give

  4. is always more blessings for us to receive..true hope..that's why future is a sealed box.. who will ever forsake us if we surrender completely? all the more our benevolent god?!

    @ yvonne.. how is trip?? looking forward for more news

    @ sm..yeah.. to live, gain and to give.. this reminds me of a old tamil song..
    engalukkum kaalam varum,
    kaalam vanthal vazhvu varum,
    vazhvu vanthaal anaivaraiyum vaazhavaippomae..

    which means..
    we too would have our day
    and when our days turn for better, our lives would prosper
    and when we prosper, we would take care of everyone..

    so nice words isn't it?

  5. wise words, adithyasaravana!
    what a beautiful song! thank you for sharing this

  6. And I m reminded of another poem which we all know and have read many a time,
    "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep."
    Robert Frost

  7. Beautiful Fantastic Fabulous Write Up :) :)

  8. deeps..
    I too have read..and that was so nice to remember this..

    @sahana.. and i wrote something similar to your post in Once again.. we thought alike.. alva?