Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Once again...

Of what use
Is my prayers
When my heart is devoid of

You are the almighty
I am a mere speck
Would  you lower yourself
To listen to my words?

 I crouched holding
An umbrella in the desert
The night  too  passed
 for another day to come..

I never held your hands
But allowed myself
In your embrace..
My hands now press
my empty shoulders..

How could   I say
that you forsake me?
You  did give the words,
Their  meanings  and their wings..

Would you fall
In love again?
For  I am weary of  this useless
Chants  and murmurings
And my heart beats for
A longing love and tears..


  1. I loved this excellent poem well done.


  2. 'for I am weary of this useless
    Chants and murmurings'

    I here you! sometimes it feels like our words are not heard...must be the human in us :)

    deeply felt this one

    thank you

  3. Great poem!

    There are many things that hinder our prayers and a lack of love is most certainly at the top of the list.

  4. Good one.

    Listen, I try at poetry too - from time to time. Please check them out when you have some time...

    Sounding like a poem already - right? :)

    ~ NRIGirl

  5. @ramesh..
    thanks ramesh.. hmm my friend used to call me saru..appuram meenellam saappida arambichacha? gulf la vegetarian sappadu kedaikkuma?oor sutharavangalukku kashtamache? vegetarianna vegetables kondu vanthu tharuvanga..

    so many thanks for your encouraging words..actually i wrote this off in a sombre mood..was busy this week and had no time for blogging or other activities..so was in a hurry..

    @HOpe.. Hope.. I am not worried that my words are not heard.. Iam only worried that i lack that passionate oneness..of late..this cycle will soon change..

    @Ron joe white..yes thats what exactly what i felt..thanks for your understanding.

    @NRI girl..Ha ha..thanks.. and thanks for stopping by. I will definitely check yours.. actually i zipped past your blog yesterday.. maybe on sunday I will sit to see it in detail..