Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feigning worthiness...

I can’t recollect my past..
When my soul has walked many forms
I’m ignorant of my future...
And my worthiness to face you
But God, Am I happy at present?
'cos I hurry to slowdown, and slothful for my wants..
I taste and shun, I play and regret
I seek you and move away
I think I’m awake when I am asleep
And close  my eyes shut tight
Thinking that I am in deep sleep..
Sheepishly admit that I try fooling you
Like  the  cattle straying away far into the woods
lingering thoughts that you would follow me..
till the end....

somehow I am reminded of a photo and a comment...

I forgot my face dear lord,
for I've lost this innocence and smile.
Truthful with secrets cornered,
friendly with malice covered,
Pious, yet dripping venom.
whence you shall pull out my mask,
 I wouldn't resent, but silently submit
covering my face and pleading mercy

(There was a temple going spree in our family... and crowded they were in this vacation season..that I felt nothing in front of the sanctum.. any ways  I enjoyed staying with all family..)


  1. Most wonderfully moving, Thanks for sharing.


  2. wow! your write, speaks for all of us I think. felt it deeply!

    isn't it the truth that if everyone is searching for peace and sanction at the same time in the same place that it is hard to find it for yourself?

    we used to go out and do camping in a remote area of the foothills until everyone found it and now it is a popular place for people with dirt bikes, quads etc. to go. not so tranquil anymore. so we stay home and it's more peaceful :)

    have a wonderful day!

  3. beautiful.
    u write very good.
    smile for u

  4. i stopped by yesterday, but i knew i would have to come again...
    this one reminds of this famous excerpt from St. Augustine's Confessions "Late Have I Loved You,
    Beauty so Ancient and so New!"

  5. @creativity... thanks a lot for your constant encouragement..
    @yvonne..thanks.. and I am yet to read your beach ..
    @hope.. that was exactly what i felt..

    @marijke.. thanks and welcome..

    @deeps.. I know blogger ate up your comment.. i need to do some google search on what you had written..
    all kids at home.. vacations and i couldn't sit in front of computer..