Sunday, May 15, 2011

How I wish..

They leave marks which dissappear soon

Those waves, with  their edges ,white with foam..

They stay, they play,  they  recede to return.

They erase  whatever  you wrote, dear son..

These lessons, we learn though ,even as we grow

But refuse to write ‘nother word and show

That life is all play, loss and gain

We stay, sinking down, as man and woman

How I wish, that  I stayed  at your age...

Learning little things, to forget in this stage.....


  1. Wonderful, as a lover of the beach I found this a real pleasure to read.


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  3. That’s a wish that everyone of us nourishes..
    But I guess, not everything that’s written is erased and vanished just like that…
    Like the moisture in the sand after the waves have receded, some trace of the past remains …until another one comes along…then another… like the waves…

  4. thanks yvonne and deeps..
    how true... not everything disappears.. it is the trace of the past that sometimes haunt us..

  5. Love it! Glad to stop by from KP's site. Will return for more fun.

    ~ NRIGirl