Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dasharatha's laments...( dasharathan's pulambal)

வா, போகு, வா இன்னம் வந்தொருக்கால்
கண்டு போ,மலராள் கூந்தல்
வேய் போலும் எழில் தோளி தன் பொருட்டா
விடையோன் தன் வில்லை செற்றாய்
மா போகு நெடுங்கானம் வல்வினையேன்
மனமுருக்கும் மகனே ! இன்று !
நீ போக, என் நெஞ்சம் இரு பிளவாய்ப்
போகாதே நிற்குமாறே !

குலசேகர அழ்வார்

வேய் போலும் எழில் தோளி.. she who has a frame like a bamboo..vidayon - shiva

Come here, come near, my dearest.
pangs of separation, the most i fearest.
heal my wound, come again before you go,
A slender frame, her tender glow
Inspired you to break the mighty bow?
Distant wilderness, whither do you  go?
my son, dear, I live to see this day's mirth!
intact, cold hearted , which can't be done away with!
kulashekara azhwar..
A note about kulashekara azhwar..
kulashekaran was a king who ruled chera kingdom..part of kerala and part tamilnadu,karur and kongu region..
He was one among the 12 divine people who spread vaishnavism by their songs. kulashekaran was an ardent devotee of sri much so that he once rised  up to send his troops to help rama,while he was listening to ramayana kalakshepam.This pasuram is one among the ten of dasharatha's laments about rama's separation ..nice to read in tamil..would love to listen in music format..

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