Monday, September 27, 2010

why did i choose to be a blogger?

first things... of late i found out internet is a useful tool to communicate..
and a best friend at times when we are alone..
not that i am all to myself.. I do have friends. People whom i care, friends whom i can share my views..and worth spending time.
basically i attempted to write in mother tongue. English.. sometimes very far, sometimes close..but never proficient..
not that there are dearth of people writing poetry, if at all i can say that i can write some..
its only that i sometimes cannot stop writing down my views..whatever they may be..if that is going to make some of my close people happy ,, purpose is achieved..
most importantly i love old tamil compositions..maybe it will be good to spread the sweetness of tamil vaishnava poems.These are some with profound depth and love towards kannan, my lord and benefactor. These totaling 4000 are called of the earliest in bhakthi cult in India

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