Saturday, December 11, 2010

of virtue and vice....

Some queries puzzle us. I ponder over a lunch time discussion. My colleagues expounded the greatness of annadaanam. I just plainly told i don’t believe in annadaanam. Especially the annadaanam provided in temples.They were shocked by my statement..i told that there is no free lunch in this world. By providing food we make people lazy. There is always enough work to earn a livelihood. I know of an old lady who used to work for me. Her husband had cerebral palsy and she had to look after him. She would make all necessary arrangements at home and then come for work. She used to tell with passion, if  i didn’t have this responsibility i would happily accompany you to whichever place you go, to take care of your family and to work for you. So then what about people who are infirm? Providing food is the greatest virtue sir, they told.Isn’t  it the government’s responsibility to look after its citizens? It  is sometime the inaction or the lack of responsibility which places people depend on others for their basic necessities. Probably i don’t know how destitutes are created. I support instituitionalised care for mentally unsound people. Many charitable endowments have made a big difference in the livelihood of abandoned children, infirm and old people. But some action is missing. Some responsibility was shrugged. I would feel unhappy if I have to pray for the wellbeing of the donor who has provided my lunch. Kannan, more than a god , was a radical reformist. The interpretation of his words were tailor made to suit their philosophies. But when the purpose of telling Gita is explored it is obvious that he is guiding Arjuna to perform his slated action, the responsibility of a soldier in battlefield.
I happened to read a Nammazhwar ‘s pasuram yesterday which threw some light on my predicament. 

கிற்பன் கில்லேன் என்றிலன் முனம் நாளால் 
அற்ப சாரங்கள் அவை சுவைத்து அகன்றொழியேன்
பற்பல ஆயிரம் உயிர் செய்த பரமா ! நின் 
நற்பொன் சோதித்தாள் நனுகுவது எஞ்ஞான்றோ

Tasting the fruits of good deeds and vice
I lingered past ages away from your eyes
My father, your creation baffles my mind
The day of our union, my soul yearns to find


Buddhiyukto jahaateeha ubhe sukrita dushkrite;
Tasmaad yogaaya yujyaswa yogah karmasu kaushalam
A person with evenness of mind casts of in this life both good and evil deeds; therefore devote your self to yoga; and yoga is nothing but skill in action. Gita ( 2:50)
Easier than everything else is surrendering unto his lotus feet..

Not to be born again or mukthi is the highest ideal in Hinduism...I remember something which i've written long time back..

"HE" heard me tell
'I'm fish out of  water
without you three
And laughed at me..
To give and take,
to sow and reap.
burdens of soul
All in a heap
to uproot a tree
with roots underneath
all are his designs..
could I complain?
love ,friendship and affection
how does it matter?
all are events past
tis his manner
how long will you join hands
like petals of flowers
lasting for an evening
time  trickles by
compared with itself
short or long..
events move past
my desires more
worthiness low
to be born again
I dread to the core...

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