Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Farewell and a welcome...

I chased you Out 

I chased you out
As a kid,
I chased you hopping into the yard
I chased you out
As a kid,
I chased you pick a grain or two..
I chased you out.
When yards were big, and grains abound
When afternoons were a time to rest..
I chased you out
When we were kids..
when T’was just fun to chase..
I chased you out
Out of his world
What have I got to say to my son??

( A note by the photographer:..When i saw these little sparrows, did i realise that its been ages since i saw a sparrow.. Thanks to the Great Indian urbanisation, these birdies have bade farewell to our concrete forests... How much more are we going to lose?)

 And this was a post inspired by Sahana.

Actually I started writing about something else... So I will write the one which I originally intended to write

I woke up with a message...


A blanket of concern covered my form                  

Like  warmth spreading on a misty vale.  

Eyes tied down, yet spreading calm

My heart set sail, with a gentle gale..

The words did flow from a  distant land

Simple, yet caring, smile and all..

Strange it is, like a magic wand,

To live today, with a song in my heart..

( I had been out of state on official work.. and came back early in the morning..And then this word of concern from a long forgotten friend from UK..Yeah.. I am fine.. dear friend..)


  1. Wonderful words, and as always a pleasure to visit your blog.

    Have a good day,

  2. Welcome back to both you and the sparrow!

  3. yes welcome back..kuruvi kalakuthungo...

  4. thats so nicely stated...
    and i m sure everyone will agree with you...
    not just the sparrows we grew up seeing many more other birds...
    now it s like... you got to google them to have a look.. oops

  5. thanks all.. don't know what all we continue to lose..