Friday, July 1, 2011

கண்கள் மனதின் சாளரங்கள்

பிரியாத உறவென்பதொன்றுமில்லை..
பழகாத பிரிவென்பதொன்றுமில்லை..

சொல்லாத வார்த்தைகளை தேக்கி வைத்தால்..
கண்கள் கோள் சொல்லாமல் போனதில்லை..

பஞ்சைக்கு முன் இட்ட 
விசம் கலந்த விருந்து நீ..  
உண்டு சாகட்டுமா?
காணாமல் வாழட்டுமா?

I thought I started conversing with me alone .. writing in tamil.. but Yvonne and NRIgirl promptly shook me from my recluse...( hey, I no more converse with myself .. So I thought I'll edit again..)

eyes are windows to the heart..

who stays forever? For every dear one leaves..
so does the separation, and we adapt to the loss..

eyes are the culprit, for they always reveal
all words unspoken, stored in the vault..

For my hungry eyes.,
you are a perfect feast..
poisoned and tempting
should I eat to die?
or turn blind to live??..



  1. Wow! Love the way the words sound, now if you don't mind what does 'panjai' mean?

    Oh! To answer your question, though it is not directed at me, I would say 'Live!' :)

  2. If I could read and understand it I would love to leave a comment.


  3. @ NRI girl.. hmm now that makes me ponder.. I thought it sounded like.. humble.. ( panjai paraari..) but never sure.. have read once in kannada by kuvempu.. that poetry, creates new words, and doesn't restrict to metre or rhyme.. it is the one to one talk that is necessary..

    i thought panjai is lowly.. or humble.. some one should clarify..

    yeah.. live .. one should.. illai??

  4. oooff..superrrr sir...esp last lines..

  5. Wow!!
    Very lovely words :-)

    Tamil is very weird for me
    it looks so curly but i wish i could read it !!!

    have a wonderful weekend
    hugs from us all
    Kareltje ,Betsie & Anya

  6. looks like we both got a few posts with similar punch ideas....
    either you get it first or it flashes my mind first :P

  7. thank you all.. for your kind words..
    @ deeps.. hmm Yeah.. I always wonder who puts all those thoughts into you which makes everyone agree.. fortunate that some of my thoughts coincide..