Friday, July 15, 2011

My version of the story..

Adhi climbed up the bed..He was mildly annoyed with me because I had refused to get him new colour pencils for his drawing competition on Sunday. He had a book in his hand.. 555 questions and answers about science and nature. He picked up a page for me to read.. I was lying down, meddling with my cell phone..And whatever page he had opened.. I read it for a while and pondered..To quote the book..” In the beginning, all the universe was squeezed into an unimaginably small , hot, dense ball. The big bang was when this suddenly began to swell explosively, allowing first energy and matter, then atoms, gas clouds and galaxies to form. The universe has been swelling  ever since.”
I closed the book.. I took him out to the balcony.. showed him the moon, stars clouds, the vast expanse of land and speaking something gibberish all the while. How can I make him comprehend whatever I thought was the origin of universe..We came back to bed and I read those pages to him now..He turned the next page and told.. “this one  too"..  I asked him about what he understood of whatever I told.. He told something in his own words..And that turned out to be another version of whatever the universe wanted to tell about itself..I told him, enough for today and pulled him towards me.. and kept thinking...
Then started typing in my cell phone..Anyway I got a post to amuse myself..

In the tiniest of tiniest of tiniest of whatsoever,
He rested, unmoved,  unheard and unsure.
His roar, His pace, His penetrance and the bang,
I compare with the sun, the earth and its pace for a turn.
In flesh, In words, In deeds and In feel
Are the fragments that burst, that formed and that perish.
His day and night are years woven together.
The numbers are whose and compared with what?
When He rested, He was the tiniest of all force,
And  he manifests somewhere in the humility of my heart..


  1. Excellently written and I enjoyed reading,

    Enjoy your week-end;

  2. I have studied a few theories regarding the origin of universe in my philosophy classes,
    But now, reading you, it just struck me that isn’t it just like human birth?
    From tiniest of tiniest of tiniest of whatever we grow up to be whoever we are today :P
    thanks for sharing this one..

  3. yes... deeps.. that was what my son asked.. how small was the initial universe. i told less than a fist.. less than a dust.. and now.. yeah..we too were small enough to have stored all information as to how enterprising we would be given all similar situations..
    each one is different.. each one is an universe on their own..isn't it?