Sunday, July 17, 2011

Radheya...( Part- 1?)

She stood there for him to finish his prayers. The last time when she kissed him,he was a just born kid. She set him sail along this same river where he is now offering his prayers.The kid who was born with a vest  and ear rings of gold, was now stripped of his birthly possessions. How much more has he got to lose, to have born for a fateful mother on a spiteful day?
She had watched him many a times. She recognized him instantly when he came storming into the arena, challenging Arjuna.The breasts which had never fed him, swelled in pride.Her eyes welled, for she could identify the shield over his chest and those lustrous ear rings. His radiant face shone with the same intensity as that of the morning sun.Wasn’t he the heir of the sun-god? the son who was born to a  naive girl who fell in love with the bright life giving  sun?.When his challenge was subdued and  when he was ridiculed , her heart bled,bled for the royal blood which he couldn't claim as his own,bled for her own fate which left her stiff and  to obscure her emotions.With the turn of events, she watched him being crowned, his glory restored. She had glanced Duryodhana with a passionate gratitude.

Even now, her veiled face could shadow some of her emotions, could curb the longing of her eyes,But there was no shroud for her thumping heart. Their echoes could be heard and felt in that eerie dusk.Though her heart ached for him to turn, nevertheless she was afraid to face him.  Afraid of the purpose she came for, of the claims she wanted  to make, of the place  and the timing. Tomorrow was his day as a warlord, the chieftain of Kaurava army.,A day for him to repay his gratitude to his friend , his benefactor. She had come to claim his bloodline, to ask for a boon which he can never give but with an alternative at hand.  She wanted to demand  that he never touched her sons, those whom she fed and raised,yet she had to address him as her son. She thought, that she was never born on this day.

(P.s. The Kannan whom I say bonds , breaks, cures and claims was present at the same time as these events were taking place..He stood as a mute spectator of the events which happened to Karna or Kunti. I always say that he connives every instance for his benefit. This is an off hand re telling of whatever I heard or read in Mahabharata. There may be some differences with the original. I just want to touch upon the emotional aspects of the events which took place. Probably I have the luxury to feel down on this sunday.The query in the title is because i may not complete this story. Probably i just conversed with myself today...)


  1. A well written interesting post. I enjoyed the read.

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  2. read like poetry. i felt the emotions although i am not familiar with the event. Beautifully written in fact...I'd like to say that it would have been nice
    to hear you read it.
    Hope you are well
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Before I start to say anything about this post, I must go back to your comment in mine.. wow… that’s quite an out break… but I must agree with you on many points and statements you made…
    And this one… oops.. to be frank I feel I lost the link somewhere…this is from Mahabharata I know :P

  4. Interesting!!!

    keep up the good work..:)