Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The dreamer

I had some dreams before
Not very far from today
Hiding secretly inside but
Passionate to pursue..
Half hearted to chase them..
Whither did I falter?
For HE took over me,
My dreams ,My all and my desires
I do secretly hide back
A few of borrowed dreams..
And I know that without dreams
My heart would ‘ve turned  to stone


  1. Very nice. Reached here through NRIGirl :))

  2. SO true , I strongly beleive that If we Dont dream then HOw are we going to fulfill our dreams .. So I do dream a LOTTTTTTT.. maybe a few will come true some day ..

    thanks to Nrigirl came over to this blog ..


  3. Dream dream dream if I want you ,
    If I need you, all I have to do is dream ....

    Reminds me of that song of Everly Brothers.
    Ya it is marijuana this dreaming