Friday, November 19, 2010

I do believe in miracles

I wandered  past the river bed,
Collecting pebbles all along
Bending down to pick a few,
Of green and  white with crimson hue
Pocketing some in a deeper pouch
Throwing at random, few of doubt
Bemused , sad and forlorn though
I sat down counting on my store..
Poured them all over the sand
Round , oval, small and bland..
Bewitched I found a dazzling stone
Of ruby red, so bright it shone
all those worthless pebbles i threw
closeted the only treasure i knew..
I danced with joy and madness crept
My life, my life, with joy I wept
And there you came, asking for me..
‘Whither did you roam my dear?’
‘For long i searched, beloved ‘you said.
Pulled my arms and opened my hand
‘Ah!, my lost gem’ you told
‘Tis mine’, and held it close to heart,
I buckled and on my knees I bent
Covered my face and wept and wept.
My  pain, by your smile you swept.
‘You too are dear to me’ you said.
A web of passion you generate
As  easy as a twig,you   break

Captive of your mysterious ways
I'd  follow the glow of your heart
A serf, my lord  you lead me through
For in miracles I do believe now

1 comment:

  1. A reunion of sorts. Or is it lost and found? Yes indeed a hopeless moment when the unexpected happens we call it miracle and attribute much. See a design too.
    I loved the earlier part of the poem. However may I also say I'm no expert in criticising a poem.