Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Was waiting for a patient to deliver, meanwhile pondering as to how to kill  time.In other times would've sent continuous text messages, while today that option became ruled out.So I thought of translating another 5 of Kothai Nachiar's  works on panchajanyam. In fact I used to call ppl as'panchajanyam' just to mock them as to how favourable they've become to kannan. That was because of the superlative manner in which the conch of kannan is variously described by Andal.
karpooram naarumo..
thadavaraiyin maethae...
சந்திர மண்டலம்போல் தாமோதரன்கையில்
அந்தரமொன்றின்றி  ஏறி அவன் செவியில்
மந்திரம் கொள்வாயே போலும் வலம்புரியே!
இந்திரனும் உன்னோடு செல்வத்துக்கு ஏலானே.

Held in the hand of my king like a moon
what do ye chant in his ears, time and on?
spiteful though, none equal your greatness
King of gods too pale before your riches.

உன்னோ டுடனே ஒருகடலில் வாழ்வாரை
இன்னாரினை யாரென்று எண்ணுவா ரில்லைகாண்
மன்னாகி நின்ற மதுசூதன் வாயமுதம்
பன்னாளும் உண்கின்றாய் பாஞ்ச சன்னியமே .

Who cares about the multitudes, others..
born along with you in the mighty waters
worthy of tasting his nectarine sweetness
unsurpassed , 'panchajanya' is your greatness.

போய் தீர்தமாடாதே நின்ற புணர் மருதம்
சாய்த்து ஈர்த்தான் கைத்தலத்தே ஏறிக் குடிகொண்டு
சேய்த்தீர்த்த மாய்நின்ற செங்கண்மால் தன்னுடைய
வாய்த்தீர்த்தம் பாய்ந்தாட வல்லாய், வலம்புரியே!

Anointed by his holy waters, of lotus eyed lord
climbed unto his hands, unsung by any bard
Praise to thee, 'Valampuri', ye do save the worry
To travel and to bathe in all places holy..

செங்கமல நாண்மலர்மேல் தேன் நுகரும் அன்னம் போல்
செங்கண் கருமேனி வாசுதேவனுடைய
அங்கைத் தலமேறி அன்னவசம் செய்யும்
சங்கு அரையா உன்செல்வம் சால அழகியதே!

A swan diving into  honey of lotus bud
Divine is your place, Oh king of shells
In the crimson palm of my lord ye dwell
what defines of thy glory,your wealth?

உண்பது சொல்லில் உலகளந்தான் வாயமுதம்
கண்படை கொள்ளல் கடல்வண்ணன் கைத்தலத்தே
பென்படையார் உன்மேல் பெரும்பூசல் சாற்றுகின்றார்
பண்பல செய்கின்றாய் பாஞ்சசன்னியமே !

Simple is to say, that you taste his lips
To sleep your day, In his palms you do rest
Love smitten souls, we never had your bliss
You make us burn of desire and of lust..

It was very difficult translating the complex tamil, its nuances and  Hindu mythology..At times i had to skip the references to his name and had to write lord or king. Every other name has a separate meaning.Damodaran, kadal vannan, vasudevan, indiran, sengan maal..Couldn't imagine a nearest phrase for' vaai theertham paaynthaada vallaai',the literal meaning may sound improper. And there is a big story behind ' Punar marutham saaithu eerthaan" which refers to kannan befelling two kinkaras who stood as trees while he passed between them with a big stone tied to his waist..So i skipped that story and plainly said that unsung by any bard. Again' Pen Padaiyaar'- girls ? women folk? ... Thamizhae, azhagae, amudae...

One interesting event that happened while typing this was the effect of a promise  I made to my dharmapatni. That I wouldn't scold her for another year and would ( happily?)( never)comply with all  her orders. I was made to run around like an errand boy. Called to carry her books she was reading in tv hall, the pillows, water bottle and even the lemon she was sniffing ( vaaya kuduthu maatikirathu- Imagine mudhalvan).she came and stood in front of washroom and called out my name. ( i  was busy on the computer) and i replied with utmost calm as to whether I should  open the door for her.( thank god , she imagined that i was using the toilet) and the ultimate thing was Her mane was unruly and she couldn't reach her hand s to tie them in a plait and I had to help her..still continuing.(I mean errands).HMMM..Kanna let us also have some privileges.. .

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  1. I have been searching for this song and it's translation for a very long time, as it seems to be a beautiful song one can dance to.. Thank you for the translation!