Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Of promises...

Kannan has made a promise to all those who seek his refuge. Sometimes I wonder that when we believe in promises made and forgotten, we start blaming each other.Promises by men are also mortal., Immortal are these words spoken by kannan in gita

manmanaa bhava madbhaktho madhyaajee maam namaskuru
maamevaishyasi sathyam thae prathijaanae priyosi mae. 18 -65

Absorb your self in Me: Be wholly devoted to Me: worship and bow to Me alone: so shall you undoubtedly reach Me. This I promise you faithfully, for you are dear to Me. (18:65)

There is a nice Nammazhwar pasuram reflecting my thoughts..

உரைக்கில் ஓர் சுற்றத்தார் உற்றாறேன்றாரே?
இரைக்கும் கடல்கிடந்த எந்தாய் ! - உரைப்பெல்லாம்
நின்னன்றி மற்றிலேன் கண்டாய், எனதுயிற்கோர்
சொல்நன்றி  யாகும் துணை.

I know of promises which were made to break
Of near and dear ones, never lasted a day break
To comfort my soul, To support and to promise,
your words are my refuge,My lord over the seas!

And a profound poetic verse which inspired me to write that   love ... towards kannan..
A poem by Rumi.. the mystic persian poet..


Love of the dead does not last,
because the dead will not return.
But love of the living
is in every moment fresher than a bud,
both to the inward and the outward eye.
Choose the love of that Living One
who is everlasting, who offers you
the wine that increases life.
Do not say, 'We have no entrance to that King.'
Dealings with the generous are not difficult.

-- (RUMI, "Rumi Daylight")

And something which i couldn't stop putting in words...Not in a bad mood..but indifferent and numb thoughts..
Broken promises

I opened my heart to you,when you said your love
you said friends, and I shouldered your prayers and vows
I shared your mirth and interests, your woes and burden
then you were dead one day, all of a sudden
when I sat weeping my heart out on your grave.
I leaned upon a shoulder that lifted me up and gave
some hope, support and a way to forget my loss
torn between silence and indifference, between mirage and oasis
the crutches i wore stood broken, alone should i stand
'cos he told to get along with life, and parted his hands
I no longer wait for a  fellow traveler, but pull over the veil
To cover the dust, the heat and a face gone pale
As fate always possesses in its chests, all our desires and wants
making us desperate till we become numb and desire naught...

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